By Hadassah Agbaps - April 15, 2017

Hi people, what's been on?!

It's my birthday today and I'm super excited!

Why? Because I just turned 30!!!
Gosh, I've been here for 3 whole decades! God is so awesome! How did that happen?

Dancing native Igbo dance

So, how do I feel? I was unusually hyperactive this week, for one. I was just so happy to have made it so far and with God's blessing, achieved a lot. I've ticked half of my life's list already.

To celebrate, I decided to do a photoshoot....what theme? I had no idea.
 All I knew was that I wanted to be myself....playful, happy, free.

 I didn't want a formal photoshoot I imagined thirty year olds were supposed to have. 
The one where I'll be all dressed up in a beautiful cocktail dress with red lipstick and probably a glass of wine in my hand. 
Well, I actually did think of doing this kind of shoot but after meeting this awesome photographer, I realised that wasn't me at all!

I met up with Halimat the owner of Tamilah Photography.
We bonded....maybe because she's also an April baby or maybe because I loved how she always managed to capture the raw uninhibited unscripted emotions of her subjects on camera. I'm not sure of the proper photography word but I loved how raw her photos were.
I was chatting, chatting away and turned to say I wanted a rose in my hair when she took this! LOL! Lightning fast! I never experrerit!

She advised on an outdoor shoot and requested I do my own makeup and wear clothes I was comfortable with. She wanted me to be myself. She made me feel comfortable....
 I wondered why I didn't do this shoot sooner and more I think having a female photographer is better! 
She gets how important your angles are. Every woman has an angle. A side of her face she naturally exposes to the camera. It's as important as where your parts will be in your she made it loads of fun!

Speaking of hair, I stuck to my usual wash and go style. I used a bit of Eco Styler gel and a boar bristle brush to slick my hair away from my face. You all know how natural hair can bully you out of a photo! The thing just takes over!

Will I be sharing some thirty year old wisdom nuggets? 
Nope! I just got here.

Will I be sharing some 'things I learnt in my twenties' nuggets of wisdom???

You'll figure everything out eventually. Just don't be afraid to discover yourself and get closer to God...He's the light you need in the darkness.

Random thought : Do you know, it wanted to actually rain on my parade during the shoot but Baba God said 'No'!

I see you!!

Thank you all for sticking with my blog and reading and subscribing and making this blog one of my happy places. 
Loads of love from me to you!

Looking forward to happy, favored, blessed years ahead!!


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  1. Beautiful...beautiful...beautiful

  2. Happy Birthday dear, and welcome to the 30's!

    I love that you decided to just be yourself for the shoot. There's no one-size-fits-all for everyone. And that's definitely something you learn in your 30's so you've got a great start!

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Thank you loads, Berry!Yes o, the thirties are for freedom!

  3. Happy birthday Hadassah!


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