By Hadassah Agbaps - February 23, 2017

Hi people, how has your week been going?

I've been getting a lot of messages concerning hair loss.
Typical questions go like this,

" I loosened my braids and when I washed my hair, I noticed I lost a lot! What can I do?"

" My hair is breaking. Every time I comb or style no matter how gently, I always see hair. What can I do?"

Hair shedding is normal. Cats shed hair, cute dogs shed hair and it doesn't make them any less furry.

When the hair has reached its peak in the growth cycle (Telogen phase), it falls out to give the new hair taking its place room to grow.
Normally, we shed an average of 50 to 100 strands daily.

Now , if you'd been in a protective style for up to a month (30 days), it's estimated that you'd have lost about 3000 strands.....but hey, who's counting? Definitely not me!

The picture above is the amount of hair I shed after a three weeks protective style (mini twists). Mind you, I actually think posting hair ball pics is very weird, so is actually counting the strands.....but bloggers have been known to do the weirdest things just to share their experiences.

So, that's my hair ball.

I posted it on Instagram and a lot of people including those that sent me "Help, I'm going bald" messages said they even shed less amount of hair within that same period.

That's my normal hair loss. I'm usually not bothered until it's maybe twice or thrice that size and then I start brewing tea!

Just thought to share. Hope it's been able to put someone's mind at rest.

As usual, eat well, moisturise often and be gentle with your hair.

Who else sheds as much as I do?

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  1. I'm 'Team Sheds A lot' and I used to be someone that would track how much hair I lose each week. You know, for science. :-) Like you, I get concerned if it's too much more than my normal. Otherwise, live ant let live.

    Don't Touch the Hair

  2. Love this one..as usual. But can u pls do an article about prepooing with oil vs conditioner? Would be really helpful too. Tnxxx


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