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I try to keep my hair care as simple as I can. I also love trying out new products so my products may not be consistent from month to month but my regimen basically stays the same.

My hair is
4b/c, high porosity, medium density and fine.
It is prone to breakage, knots,  split ends and tangling so my routine helps address these issues.

Texture Shot

I shampoo my hair once a month. Then follow up with a deep conditioner and then rinse off with a conditioner.
Then I apply my hair oil and then a leave in conditioner.

Once a week or more depending on how dusty the environment is and on how dry my hair feels, I cowash.
I fingerdetangle almost exclusively using combs/brushes when needed once a month when I shampoo. I do this to remove any shed hair I might have missed during the week.

My monthly routine goes like this

  • I apply henna to my hair overnight (for strengthening) and then rinse off the next morning with a conditioner.
  • I shampoo my scalp alone letting the run off clean my hair. Then I rinse and blot off excess water.
  • I follow up with a deep conditioning treatment for 30mins at least before rinsing off with conditioner. I try to make sure that no conditioner touches my scalp. 
  • I blot my hair dry , then apply a light coating of my oil mix (NappyGirl Growth Enhancing Oil)  to my scalp and hair  and follow up with a leave in conditioner. 
  • Then I seal with the oil or pudding depending on the weather.
  • Lastly I style.

Sometimes if my hair needs more strength, I do the Indian oiling method before shampooing.

On weekly basis (more or less depending on how my hair feels), I cowash my hair,  fingerdetangle, blot dry, apply leave in then seal.

I do not moisture my hair daily morning and night. I feel it causes product build up and it breaks me out so I look for products that can help my hair stay moisturised for two days.
On the second day, I reapply. This is also a time saver for me.

I style my hair a day after washday because I notice my hair breaks less so I try to keep washday sessions on weekends.

Special treatments are done when my hair needs it.

High bun

Here are some styles I've rocked with my hair when I want to ditch my!

WashnGo updo

Here's my recent length check on stretched hair.

I have written an E-book with details on how I grow my hair.
It can be assessed via this link

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