If you are interested in advertising your product/service ; sponsoring a product review, giveaway or contest ; events, article contributions or doing other business with us, please send an email to and a Media Package will be sent to you.

Please note;

1. For Product Reviews:

* Unless indicated, all products reviewed on the blog were purchased by me.

* For sponsored reviews, I review the following items
- Hair Products
- Hair Tools
- Salons
- Makeup
- Skincare products
and anything of interest to women.

 A complete review will be available within 30 days.

*Products/items that worked out will be shared.

* For products/items that didn't work out, I'll endeavour to contact the company/sponsor with my observations and decline to go through with the review.

*In all cases, all reviews are my unbiased experiences with the products and will not be influenced in any way.

More details about reviews is included in the Media Package enclosed in reply email.

2. For those interested in sponsoring a giveaway, contest or an event on the blog, please send details of the products, contest, dates and prize information and we'll get back to you.

3. For article contributions please indicate your topic of interest, desired length of article and deadlines if any.

4. For permissions to use any article on my blog, do send an email indicating what article and where the article will be republished.  Unless indicated, all articles and photos belong to me.

For more information on business opportunities, do send an email to

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