By Hadassah Agbaps - October 27, 2015

Like my hair, I'm dark and beautiful
Like my hair, I stand proudly up
Like my hair, I'm indomitable
Like my hair, I'm strong but flexible
Like my hair, I thrive on love and care
Like my hair, I may break and fall but I'll still grow strong
Like my hair, I'm full of life
Like my hair, I am versatile
Like my hair, I am deeply rooted

Everyday I look at my nappy hair, I thank God for who I am.

Each twist and turn of each coil reminds me that each twist and turn in my life has a make me the best I naturally should be.

Achieving my hair length goals helps me appreciate the value of goal setting.

Listening to my hair when using products has taught me how to listen and notice how my body reacts to what I put on and in it.

When my hair reverts after a blowout,twistout or flat ironing, it reminds me to go back to my simple roots when life gets out of shape.

Does your hair inspire you? Share!!!

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  1. Definitely,It has made me lift my shoulders,raise my head and made me look sure.
    I am proud to walk down the middle of the street,the wind billowing through my tresses.
    My hair is all what you said and more.It is me.

  2. I love this piece…thanks for convincing me to go natural. Feels so darn good!


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