By Hadassah Agbaps - September 24, 2015

Hi people, what's been on?
I finally got round to doing the faux locs!
I washed, deep conditioned and oiled my hair. It was well hydrated because I had it in a wash and go for almost two months. I refreshed the wash and gos weekly.

For the faux locs, I used two packs of Janet Noir marley hair (you can substitute with the First Lady brand or Supreme brand of Afro kinky hair) and 2 balls of acrylic wool/yarn for the base.

If it's your first time with fauxlocs, there's one thousand and one YouTube videos explaining the process.

It took me 4 hrs to install the locs. I made random parts because I have fine hair and precise parts can make my hair look scalpy. The other alternative is to make more locs but who's gonna do all that....not me o!!!


First, I made loose twists without extensions.

Secondly, I cut out yarn and folded it as thick and as long as I wanted my locs to be and attached it by wrapping it around the base of my loose twists. I did not twist my hair with the yarn/wool.

Lastly, I wrapped the kinky hair around it all to make my locs.

Here's my final results.

Then on Sunday, I taught my sister how to do crochet braids. She wanted a fringed style. We used one pack of Expression Kanekalon Braiding hair in color 2. Here's our final look.

To get the fringe to curve gently, I applied a heat protectant serum to the hair then curled with a round bristle brush and blowdryer on low to medium heat. The Kanekalon hair can withstand a small amount of dry heat.

That's the round brush I used.

It turned out quite well. I usually crochet with curly hair or wavy hair. Straight hair isn't something I'd pick as first choice but I liked the final look. I doubt I'll do it myself because straight hair isn't forgiving if you make mistakes when installing plus you can't leave big gaps between strands like you can with curlier hair.

I think my hair will be in the faux locs for 2 weeks at least .... I hope.

More hairtips at the Natural in the City Meetup this Saturday, 26th September at the Social Place, Lagos!

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  1. YOUR FAUX LOCS are EVERYTHING!!! And in just 4 hours to install?!? I LOVE IT!

    KLP @

  2. Oooh, I like how you styled the hair. Oooh, are you coming to NITC?

    Berry Dakara Blog

  3. The faux locs look lovely, the way you explained its installation makes it pretty simple. How did you make the ends stay?
    Whai, expression for crochet braids, I never thought it possible. Looks nice too

    1. Thank you Charisa. I wrapped the ends and rolled between my palms. You can use a lighter at the ends and roll between your palms too.

  4. Your faux locs is really giving me life!!!! They are absolutely beautiful. But my question would be:
    1)How many sections/locs did you make?
    2) How many strands of hair did you use to wrap one section.
    3) How do you ensure flexibility so it is not so stiff like wooden
    because yours look so flexible!!!!!!!
    I am eager waiting for your reply because I want to try this out as my next protective style. Thanks in advance
    Coily Head of Hair

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Nafisat!
      To answer your questions,
      1. I didn't count my sections or locs. Just styled till I was done. It will depend on how thick and full you want your locs to be.
      2. I used two strands per loc.
      3. Lol @ wooden sticks. I really dislike those! To get the locs flexible, I wrapped diagonally.

  5. Nice work you doing her here, teaching novices like me how to care for natural hair. Thanks and keep up the good work

  6. Please where did you get the Janet Noir hair?

  7. What braiding pattern did you use for the crochet braids

  8. What braiding pattern did you use for the crochet braids

  9. @Hadassah you are awesome. Beautiful protective style.

  10. Hey @hadassah you're really cool
    I have an issue ,my prom is on Friday and I'm making twists with brazillian wool , is it advisable to make my hair on Friday morning or not?


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