By Hadassah Agbaps - June 11, 2018

Hi people, what's been on?

Before I start this review, I'll have you know that I'm no makeup artist!!!
 I'm just a girl next door slapping on makeup and hoping it looks pretty decent!
I'm not down for all the highlights and contour and slay queen makeup things. 

I discovered that less is more when it comes to makeup so I try to look like me but a little less!

 I'm in a constant battle with my oily skin. 
When my mates are owning oil wells off the Escravos, I'm a proud owner of my own oil well on my face! 
On one hand, I'm not too bothered with it because I've managed to convince myself that the shiny oily slick on my face is akin to highlighters and it also makes for the best makeup setting product hands down! (Believe me, I've used setting sprays and nothing works better than my skin oil!)
On the other hand however, I'm realistic enough to note that an oily, reflective face does not a slayer make! Not especially when it has the ability to make makeup float on the surface like akara in oil!
This is one reason, a foundation or compact powder that promises to be matte has me whipping out my ATM!

.........and just because I'm too excited to share my good luck, I'll just put this out there....

Lancome Teint Idole Foundation is the best darn foundation I've ever used!!!!!

No nonsense hype in this one!


Sensitive, Oily, Acne Prone, thirties parchment.My shade is 520 Suede (W)


They buy directly from the company (so you have no fear of buying a fake product) and ship to Nigeria at an affordable price. They also matched me with my perfect shade. I purchase hard to find products in Nigeria from them.



Since I've put out a spoiler, I should as well write out what makes this foundation so good!!!!

1. No SPF.

You already know how I feel about SPF.
In summary, certain ingredients in sunscreens have me turning a toad as I break out in tiny pus filled rashes! 
Not a pretty look at all! 
So, I tend to avoid sunscreen in any product especially the chemical sunscreens. 

While researching this product before hitting the purchase button, I understand that this product has one with sunscreen. I almost didn't purchase because of this fact but the lady I purchased from assured me she'll get me the one without. no sunscreen in this is a big plus for me. 

2. It dries matte!

Seriously, this!!!! I have to apply the product quickly because it dries down so fast! The best part is my face can stay matte for at least 3-4 hrs before the oil peeks through.
 I get to blot just once a day rather than every 30-45 mins. 
This is super!!! It even gets better when I use a vanishing cream underneath.

3. It does not get into the lines in my face or float like akara!

I'm always horrified when I look in the side mirror of a car when I'm walking on the street and see that my makeup has gathered into my laugh lines or is separating on my oily nose! 

Oh the shame!!!!

It's like I was stripped naked when I'm wearing my worst (albeit comfortable) underwear!
Makeup in my humble opinion should be seen but never noticed!!!
This foundation covers not only my blemishes but my shame too.

Bottom line: 
It stays put even in the hottest summer. (P.S. It's always a hot summer here!)

4. It's so light and the coverage is superb.

In fact, just shinkili foundation (like 2-4 pea sized drops), can give me medium coverage. 
For full coverage, I double the amount ...
...and guess what? It never looks like I have a mask on!!! 
My biggest pet peeve with M.A.C. 
I hate the feeling of makeup on my skin. 
All I'd be thinking is "my pores, my pores, my pores" and "pimples, pimples,pimples".
If you've ever suffered from pimples, you'd know it's like a horror movie, just thinking about them makes them appear!

5. It lasts!

Okay, so what didn't I like about this foundation?

1. Parabens and plenty plenty chemicals!!!

Oya, just see this ingredient list!

 I'm trying to clean up my makeup act but this foundation won't let me be. Luckily, I didn't react to any of the ingredients so I could say it's not bad for sensitive skin.

2. The price!!!

Abeg, who has N25k (plus shipping ) to be spending on foundation everyday? 
I just closed my eyes and calculated that N25k divided by 10 months is N2500 per month on makeup. Not bad looking at it from that perspective.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, I'd already drafted a contract with the seller that should this product fail to deliver, my money must be refunded.  *ties wrapper*
Thankfully, with this foundation, I didn't have to repurchase my all time favourite compact powder (BlackUp). The BlackUp 2 way compact is good because it's all I'd apply and I'm good to go. However, finding my shade these days have been very difficult. Every time I go to their store in Polo Park Mall, Enugu, it's not available and the studio (Sleek Beauty Studio, Awka) I usually purchase it from stopped stocking due to recession.

Could I have gotten this cheaper though??!!!

It retails for N20k in Essenza store in Ikeja City Mall. 
However, their customer care leaves much to be desired. 😒
P.S. Do you know that smiling M&M is an 8G flash drive??? I saw it in a store on Jumia for just N1750 !!!

 Final thoughts?

Barring the recession mocking price and the ingredient list, this foundation is I repeat 'The best darn foundation I've ever used!!!!'

Would I repurchase?

Yes I would....but I'm still in the market though for more affordable foundations that would give me similar results!

This foundation is the yardstick for testing other foundations.
The closest to it was Revlon Colorstay Foundation which is about N7000 but recently, I went to repurchase the Revlon Colourstay foundation and it seems there's a new formula because I didn't get the matte effect I was used to.
I bought Revlon Photo effects foundation but had to dash it to my sister because I couldn't stand the tiny glitters in it!


I've finally finished the last drop of the bottle....and replaced it with Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr Foundation in 420.

Lancome is 30ml while the Fenty is 32ml

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