By Hadassah Agbaps - July 22, 2018

Hi people, what's been on?
No o.....this isn't what I'm talking I enjoyed it while it lasted...sha.

This post reminds me of the time someone commented that Nigerians don't use deodorants LOL!!! 
As you know, this blog shares my love for all things natural and the changes I've made in my haircare, skincare, diet and general lifestyle in an attempt to live responsibly.

In the All Natural Conference I attended in May, there were lots of learned speakers. 
They highlighted the dangers of some additives present in our everyday products which increased our risk of cancer, diabetes, skincare allergies and so on.
They made it clear that every compound present on earth is a chemical.
Water is a chemical.
Air is a compound made up of different chemicals.
Coconut oil is a chemical.
.......but some chemicals are safer than others and don't affect our health negatively.
Scientists are working hard around the world to make sure the chemicals used in our daily products are safe for long term use. 

A lot can be said on this issue but I'll be focusing on today's topic which is NATURAL DEODORANTS.

It's really embarrassing to raise your arms high above your head to praise the Lord and see a big wet patch around your armpits ...and also, no one likes smelling like a wet dog!
You see, your arm pits contain sweat glands that secrete sweat to keep you cool but the pesky hitch hikers on your body (natural body bacteria) see the sweat as a delicacy and the rude things convert this to compounds that stink!

So, in comes deodorants and antiperspirants to the rescue!!

Deodorants get rid of bad odour by neutralizing these stinky compounds and kill bacteria without preventing you from sweating. They also impart a pleasant fragrance to your pits so you smell like daisies!!

Anti-antiperspirants on the other hand, block the sweat glands from releasing sweat to the surface of the skin thus starving the rude bacteria giving you a dry feeling and stain free shirts.

The super hero that performs this marvelous feat is Aluminium Chlorohydrate!!!

Wait oh.... I heard that this ingredient causes breast it true?

Well, some scientists have studied this compound and found that some quantity can be absorbed in the skin and actually change receptors of breast cells.
 Now, estrogen a normal female hormone is responsible for big boobs...sorry...growth of breast tissue cells and there's a possibility that alteration by the aluminium compound may increase the risk of cancer. 
The results though are currently inconclusive as they haven't yet established a direct link to breast cancer.

Biko, I'm not willing to risk there any natural alternative?

✔cornstarch, nzu, arrowroot, potash alum or baking soda powder deodorants
✔apple cider vinegar
✔milk of  magnesia 
✔lemon juice
✔coconut oil

They have actually been used a long time in Nigeria.
It's amazing the natural tips you pick up when you ask questions.

For the liquids (except coconut oil), you dilute a little with equal parts water and rub under your pits with cotton wool. The powders can be applied alone or mixed into a light paste with water.
The idea is that they inhibit bacteria and thus you don't get stinky. The powders also absorb sweat.

Do natural deodorants work?

I got to try out the baking soda one and it ACTUALLY WORKS as a deodorant!!!!
No scent at all....not even of
It works even in the sweltering heat!

As an anti perspirant though, you'll still sweat naturally but it absorbs sweat pretty well especially when combined with any of the other powders. I haven't suffered from wet patches.

Does it stain my clothes? 
Not at all when I used baking powder alone.

However, I love perfumes and I still use with all the chemicals!!!
Baby steps, steps!!!😇

  I've stumbled on a totally natural derived perfume brand in Lagos during the All Natural Comference in May.
Samples of these perfume oils ( made with an exotic mix of essential oils in carrier oil base) were included in my goodie bag.
I'm in love with 'Wura' and would be switching to that. 
The 'Amariya' scent was too powdery for my taste.

It has very good sillage and you just need a little dab on pressure points.

It's also affordable...15ml cost N2500 and 30ml cost N5000. 
There are other sizes including 1000ml!!!

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  1. Yay! To this post. Being a health nut and looking for ways to cut down on as many additives and synthetic chemicals while staying on budget, I'll definitely give these a try. Thanks.


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