By Hadassah Agbaps - November 07, 2012

Natural hair styling in a professional setting is a bit confusing for some.
 If you are natural, you will understand that natural hair in free form is gravity defying and attention seeking. In the professional environment, it is more important to draw attention to your skills at your workplace than to your hair.
Some offices and work environments such as banks are more conservative and while no one may say something outright about your hair styling choices (in most cases) , the looks you get may convey messages of how appropriate or otherwise your natural hair styling may be.

From my experience, natural hair in Nigeria is perceived as "done" when it is chemically treated, hidden under weaves/weaves and cornrowed, twisted or braided. Any other hair style such as twistouts, braidouts, twists/braids without extensions or afro puffs are considered "undone" and looked down upon.
Hopefully, with more people embracing their natural textured coils/curls, the definition of "done" hair may expand to include styles done with hair in it's natural state without any addons.
Before some naturals begin to feel discriminated against, I will like to point out that even our sisters with relaxed hair are faced with some hair styling restrictions too. For example, it is inappropriate in a conservative work environment to appear with your hair dyed in unnatural colours like Katy Perry's blue hair or Nicki Minaj's pink toned hair!

Generally, in a conservative work environment, less is more. Your makeup should be minimal, your accessories demure and your outfit tailored and simple, preferably in dark colours. Same goes for your hairstyle. If you want to be taken seriously, a fro hawk is really not the way to have to save that for the fun, flirty weekends.

From my experience, the full blown picked afro or the unruly twistout is a faux pas in the office environment. The rule of the thumb for professional natural hair styles is "neat, sleek and tame".

With my hair out, i.e. no attachments, extensions or heat, my usual professional hair style (after being given the side eye by my boss for the twistout that decided to go a teeny bit wild), were the good ole bun and mini twists (still in a bun).
 These hairstyles became dull to me after a short while and I wanted something interesting but still within limits of the workplace.

Here's what I fished out!

finger coils.
Flat twists and twists

Source: theninanetwork

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  1. Hi, i am delighted to see something like dis. I have decided to start from scratch and kip it natural. My hair is about two inches when stretched and my temple hair is a very big challenge for me. Its really frustrating.

  2. @anon12:08 Wow...I admire the courage it took to start from scratch. It's not an easy decision for most people thinking of embracing their naps!
    About the challenging temple hair, I'd assume your hair is kinky coily and the challenge is getting it to lie flat. One method that has worked in smoothening the hair is spritzing with water, applying aloe vera gel or any soft hold non alcoholic gel, brushing with a soft brush and tieing a satin scarf on. Between makeup and dress up, the scarf would have smoothened the temple hair and it's hands off for the rest of the! Hope this works out for you!

  3. I'm very glad to stumble upon this, I have been natural for two years and with my hair stretched it's to my shoulders. I am 20 and look 15 so to see these professional hair styles will help me out a lot in upcoming interviews I have.


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