By Hadassah Agbaps - August 30, 2014

Hi people, what's been on?

I've been getting mails concerning this method and if it was really worth it to try.
 I can understand that with the time, effort and money it would take to try this method, it'll really be disappointing if it didn't work out.
So I was really happy when a Nigerian naturalista agreed to share her own experiences using this method in hopes that it will encourage those who want to give this method a try.

Meet Neuyogi.

I am a full blooded Igbo Nigerian natural. Like most naturals, I have tried wash and gos, twice in the past (once with Kinky Curly Curling Custard and once with Ecostyler with Argan oil) and both times left my hair a hot mess, exactly like Youtuber Glamfun's satirical video of "wash and gos don't work on nappy hair" .....a shrunken, matted brillo pad-like mess.

Here's my hair before MHM.

The only reason I tried this new MHM on July 9 this year was because I had some time off work and figured I could wash it out or do a puff if it failed me.

 Anyhow, I did it, liked it but that day I did the regimen with the Cherry Lola and all and it took me like 4 hrs to complete and 24hrs for my hair to dry.
My hair felt good as per no crunch, had actual hang time, lots of movement but I wasn't going to continue it because of the time it took and the drying time.

The hair lasted me all week before I washed it off and went back to my regular protective styling (updos, goddess braids).

Case closed....


I thought I was pleased with my hair, in the sense that I had more good hair days than bad hair days.
However, my hair was not predictable, some days it was soft and I had an awesome "out" style but then other days it was dry, despite no change in product or technique.
I had also become a product junkie, always looking for the next best twisting cream or conditioner.

Well on Aug 14th when I took down my goddess braid,  I had one of the bad days....dryness, horrible ends. I am one of those naturals who struggles with my ends endlessly and feel like they always needed trimming,  which of course slowed down my length retention.
 I also hated thinking of what style to do next for the week.

 I then thought about my initial MHM result and how I could wear my own hair loose for as long as I wanted and also had the option to do other styles if I got bored without needing any extra special styling product.

 That was a light bulb moment.

 So I started again with the Maximum Hydration Method. I did it 3 days straight and then now do twice a week because that is all my laziness will allow.

Here's my hair after Day 1 of the full routine. I also included my shed hair.


I have completed the MHM 5 times!

 I love it because:

1. Consistent, predictable results!!
No matter the time it takes you to get through the regimen, there are no issues like;

 "I have to wake up extra early to unravel my twists or flexi rods to see if my results are good and if not what is my back up hair style".

My only concern when I wake up is;

"Is my hair fully dry?!" and if not
 "Oh well it will dry as the day progresses :)"

 Despite the steps in this regimen the consistent results actually makes my hair routine easier.
The idea that I am happy with my hair results already and it is supposed to even look better  each time I do this regimen blows my mind!

2. Endures my work outs which involves lots of sweating.

3. My ends look great so far, when I thought they were split and questionably unhealthy.

4. Easy detangling and less shed hairs than my other wash days especially as I continued with the method.

5. My hair does not feel crunchy or sticky like I get with regular gels. There is product...yes  but it has a soft hold. I don't know how to explain it, you will just have to see for yourself if you try it.

6. A possible end to my product junkism perhaps?!

Top pics: Day 2 after cardio work out.
Bottom pics: Day 3 after hot yoga, showered with shower cap on and did a lowish puff. No rewetting or refreshing, just shake shake after taking hair band down.
 Day 4 will be wash day again and hair style could have lasted a few more days, but remember the foremost goal is to get the hydration in and the styling is really just a by product  of that :)
I still have frizzy undefined areas in my roots which I expect to get better as I continue. My front bit and most of my ends have coils which trips me a lot...I can't stop touching them!!!


Well initially, there was time constraints but I developed tweaks that has helped me to overcome this. Another tricky part was mixing up my ingredients especially the Cherry Lola Treatment and the clay treatment.
Then there was the drying time!! This part I dislike the most and I hope as my hair begins to absorb more moisture, I could cut down drying time.


Cherry Lola Treatment..... I skipped using anything I had to mash up like the bannana and avocados and went straight to using only yoghurt, molasses, soy amino acids, baking sodaand avocado oil and so far it has worked really well for me.

Clay Treatment.....The clay treatment requires mixing the bentonite clay with warm water and for some reason, I always ended up with lumps which splattered all over the place during application. Add that to my honey which was difficult to get out of the bottle! To save myself this test of my time and patience, I jejely went and purchased a bottle of Terressentials Mud wash and I'm loving it. It helps to make your mixes up prior to starting your routine so you don't waste time mixing on the go.

My life schedule....I have tried to ease this regimen into my program.

 Right now I do it twice a week.
 On a week night (likely to be home all night), I do the baking soda clarification step for 20 minutes after I come back from the gym since I have to shower anyways. Then I deep condition overnight.

The next morning, I rinse, do the clay step, then shower and apply leave in and gel. This took me 1.5hrs the last time I did it.

On the weekend I do the method all at once and it takes me 2.5 -3hrs. Since it's weekend, most of that time I am doing my chores or reading while the product is on my hair.
Applying the products and detangling takes actually me about 5-10mins from steps 1-3.

The longest portion for me is the very last step where you put the leave in conditioner and gel in small sections and that takes me 45 mins for now.

 Compared to my former routine, in the past I may wash, condition for 30mins-1hr, then spend anywhere from 1 hr to 2 doing twists or rollers or something and then potentially spend time the next day to unravel to get a twist out or whatever that may only last a day or two anyways.

So the time thing is relative.

I try to be happy with shrinkage. At this point of the regimen I don't mind it. My goal for length is to get my hair in it's curled unstretched state to shoulder length and I am curious to see if this regimen will get me there or close.

 I am also hoping for my edges and broken spots in the crown to fill in since the hair is not being frequently twisted or braided.
 Hence I am hoping for fuller hair.
I already have softness with the regimen and curls so far, so I hope to maintain that.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions concerning any step or any tweaks, I'll be happy to help out.

So there you have it....a real life MHM situation.

What do you think?
Is it worth a try??
Have you tried it, liked it, disliked it or are 'meh' about it?
Do you have any points you'd like her to clarify?

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  1. Hi, where you are based pls? I want to know where i can purchase the aminos and the mollases. I cant seem to find them in all major supeemarket in Enugu. For the banana in the mix, try baby food, can get pureed banana baby food, between 150 -250 a bottle depending on location. It's sold in most supermarkets, it takes care of the mess of using fresh bananas and it helps with moisture.

    1. Hiya. I am actually based in the U.S. Because of difficulty in finding ingredients internationally I would suggest simplifying as much as possible. The MHM says you can do the original cherry lola treatment instead of modified which just calls for: 16oz plain yogurt, 2 tbsp Liquid Aminos and 2 tbsp Baking Soda so no molasses etc. Here in the U.S. the aminos are like a sauce and are sold in the same section that carries sauces like soy sauce, marinades etc. If all else fails then ordering online from might be what to do. There is this post from Ms Deekay about where to get products for the regimen internationally and Nigeria is one of the countries where she lists suppliers. Here is the link:
      Happy Hydrating

  2. My BFF just tried the MHM for a week and while she experienced no curl poppage, she says her hair is super moisturised, well detangled and despite the frequent manipulation, she sees much less hair on the floor or in the sink.

    Curly methods seem to be the rage right now, and of this I'm a little weary. Like it's really okay if my 4C curls don't pop. Really, it's fine! Maybe with more time on my hands, I may try this MHM- just because. But I do not see myself committing to it, ever.

  3. Which conditioner and gel did u use with this round of MHM?


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