By Hadassah Agbaps - January 18, 2016

Hi peeps, what's been on?

I'm playing with my kinks right now after a long stretch of straightened hair and a shorter one with marley twists (almost a week).

We finally had the first rain today which means it's officially wash and go season for my natural hair!
This also means I'll be singing the 'shrinkage is dope' song.

P.S. If you didn't try straightening your hair or practiced your first (most likely bombest) set of twistouts, braidouts, strawsets, bantuknot outs, roller sets during the dry season, I'm sorry to say you missed a perfect opportunity!!!

With humidity being an all time low during the harmattan season, your sets had a very high chance of surviving the trip from your room to your door to your porch and a little way into your workplace, school, class or event!

Humidity has taken over the throne.....at least in my end of the world!!!

This is a season to embrace my kinks and its 75% shrinkage!

There I was feeling fly with straightened hair ( by LumoNaturals Salon in Abuja) blowing in the wind.......

And all of a sudden, the dry humidity free weather was over and I had to transition back into my summer/rainy season regimen which involves a lot of wash and gos (auto correct thinks Washington is a better word) and shrinkage loving natural hair styles like twists, fingercoils etc.

I've learnt it's time consuming fighting against shrinkage and humidity so I go with the flow. I don't need the heartbreak that comes with epic fails.....and unpredictable rains messing up the fleekest ones! 😔

The shrinkage is good though because with summer rains comes a whole lotta heat and the last thing I need is for my hair to form an unwanted blanky!

.....but the shrinkage though....Lol!

It's like magic!
I'm still fielding questions on what I did to my hair and if I finally went ahead to chop off my hair!


Oh, and if you're game, we are plotting on doing something about Denrele's disrespectfully gorgeous hair.....
Like tell me how this is fair?!!!!

(For those who asked questions concerning hair growth supplements and acne, I finally found the answer...sort of....)

Oh and before I forget, for those of us who like drinking garri (cold water, milk, lotsa sugar and garri), we've been asked to desist from such risky behavior until Lassa fever takes a bow!Apparently the rats seem to love it too!

Ajebutters, this year is your year....at least my auto correct says there's nothing like "garri" and keeps replacing it with "garrison".

Anyway, what's your best move hairwise when it comes to caring for your hair when humidity is high?

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