By Hadassah Agbaps - August 14, 2018

Hi guys, what's been on?

So I'm excited to announce our first WhatsApp class!

Distance is no longer a barrier! You can connect with me right on whatsapp and together, we'll walk through your natural hair journey!

I keep saying that natural hair care is easy and not a struggle right!
Let me show you how!!!

I know there's a lot of information on this blog to rifle through but in the class, we're going to make it real simple!

At the end of the class,
You'll know
- how to create a simple effective regimen for your hairtype and what changes you need to make to your current one.

- how to read product ingredients to select the best product for your hairtype according to your budget. 

- how to solve your hair issues such as breakage, loss of length, heat damage and so forth.

It's a small class as I want to be able to get really personal!

For readers outside Nigeria, the fee is just $6 or £5 !!!!

Very affordable...so that budget isn't a barrier! Lol!

See you soon!!!!

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