By Hadassah Agbaps - February 11, 2019

Disclosure: The products used in this post were given to me by Ruutos. 
As usual, I'll be sharing my honest opinions about the brand.

 ..on the third week of my silkpress, the weather became humid all of a sudden and my silkpress went from this

to this....

I didn't mind much since I was already missing the volume of my natural kinky hair.

To make my straightened hair last a bit longer before washday, I converted the pony tail puff to a super defined twist out puff using Ruutos Moisture Intense Hair Butter....

..... this product gives the best twistouts sha

I even made a video sharing my process which you can view here

I left the twistouts in for 3 - 4 days before I washed. It looked like this after humidity played with it....

I was so impressed with how the twistouts stayed defined for this long even in high humidity! 

By the weekend (wash day), I finally got my curls back! 

As usual, I first started by deep conditioning my hair with the Ruutos Reconstruct Hair Mask for 15 mins before shampooing. I never shampoo first after a long term protective style bcause of dryness.
After shampooing, I followed up with Ruutos Conditioner and then deep conditioned again.

I did a wash day video detailing my progress on Instagram. You can check it out!

After washing my hair, I styled it in a wash and go.

My 4b/c curls were popping like crazy!!!

I've been consistently using Ruutos hair products for 3 months running and my hair tells me that the moisture boost from this brand is on point!!!

I mean, take a look at this....

I'm really glad I got to collaborate with Ruutos. It's not a brand I'd have thought to use considering they are based in South Africa. 
They came into Nigeria around October/November last year.
Their products aren't as fancy as SheaMoisture or Cantu but they work really well even on 4c hair!

I'll share my favorite products out of the lot (including prices and ingredients list) so it'll guide you when you want to purchase.

Three months in and the only product I've run out of is the Ruutos Hair Butter which I used the hell out of....lol!
I've repurchased though so I'm good.

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  1. Your hair came out so nice using the products!

  2. Hmmm, this is the 2nd post from you am reading and am loving your blog. Wish I was in your city to get proper grooming for my fine and breakage prone natural hair. Good job. Will find you on IG & follow asap.


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