By Hadassah Agbaps - March 29, 2021


Hi people, what's been on?

I know, I know! 

Why haven't I been blogging? 

To be honest, I feel that you all know a lot about natural hair already so what else should I write about?!

I started a YouTube channel late last year to demonstrate many of the natural hair routines I blogged about in hopes that it would help those who prefer videos.

I've also been pretty up to date on Instagram so if you still enjoy natural hair content, you can join me there.

For my hair, I'm still natural....and nothing much will change in that

I'm also still doing wash'n'gos. 

 You see this protective style called wash and go? It has helped me maintain my fine textured hair past waist length. 

I usually don't stretch, pick or fluff my hair  in a wash'n' go to reduce manipulation so my hair stays shrunken at around nape to slightly grazing my shoulders..and I'm perfectly fine with it. 

My wash 'n' gos last between 3-4 weeks and a lot of ladies ask how I keep my hair moisturized and prevent the gel cast from flaking.

Well, one important tip that helps is using moisturisers that combine well with my styling gel.

Doing so makes it easy to layer on moisturisers on your wash'n'gos without the risk of flaking. 

How do I know what works?

Well, these photos could explain it more....

How to stop your gel from flaking in your natural hair

How to know if your hair products work well together

 Sometimes, water alone to refresh an old wash'n'go doesn't do it for me and I need a moisturising product that would play nicely with the gel I used to create my wash'n'go without creating flakes.❄❄❄

I've found the solution in Afrobynature Twist & Curl Styling Creme.
Afrobynature Twist and Curl Creme

 It's a dual use styler that moisturises at the same time provides hold for defined styles such as twistouts, braidouts, bantu knot outs etc.

However, the hold is not strong enough to use alone for my wash'n'gos (I have Type 4 hair) I use it in combination with my styling gels.

This product works amazingly well in combination with other stylers/gels.....without creating little beads of white flakes in my hair!

 It also has very good slip so I can re-style frizzy bits of my hair without worrying about tangling. 

I totally recommend giving it a try if you have issues with moisturising your wash'n'go.

I'd also like to know if you have experienced flaking when combining products.
Please share the product combos too, so we'll take note 👌👍

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  1. Thanks for this, Hadassah. Personally, I'm still on the lookout for styling gels I can use, especially with a constrained budget.

    I tried out the finger coiling method using an ecostyling gel, but it only curled at the tip. I'm unsure what I'm doing wrong.


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