By Hadassah Agbaps - April 16, 2012

 Been having a bit of a probs techwise and so have not been able to post as regularly as I'd love to. It's been a lil blessing as it gave me time to notice a lot of things as well as focus more on the fashion classes I take weekends...blah blah..

Anywhoo...a certain group of geniuses opined that " There's more to life than hair but it's a good place to start".
It made made me think about the recent hair craze in Nigeria especially hair weaves. Human hair weaves with Latin roots have become status symbols. I can't hear anything else but Brazilian hair and it's inches...
( side note, I wonder why Brazilian stuff seem to be the rave judging by the amounts invested in procuring them...Brazilian Remy weaves, Brazilian waxes, Brazilian blowouts, Brazilian bum,Brazilian models..need I say more?)

O.k back to hair.. over here, it seems a gal's worth is determined by the type of weave she carries on her head and how many inches always scares or should I say scars me to see chicks with unflattering ankle length matted weave and when it rains...phew...
You may be wondering why this bothers me when I'm rocking my natural Nigerian remy kinky afro. Well it's because some of these chicks who have no manners dare ask me why I do not chemically relax my hair or fix the weaves.
Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against weaves and see it as a protective style, but imagine someone trying to pressure you into buying a weave that is similar to your regular braid or twistouts and looking at you pitifully when you decline the offer saying that you could pay installmentaly for it...meaning you are probably a broke ass...smh!

It's a pity that most Nigerian girls do not know about the beauty of our natural textured hair. Many think erroneously that
- natural hair is for kids alone
- natural hair is for poor uninformed people
-natural hair is only maintained for religious purposes ( by members of Deeper Life churches where hair must be in its natural state and ownership of a radio or T.V. set is frowned upon. People with locs were dedicated to deities)
- natural hair is uncombable, unwashable and unmanageable...the list goes on...feel free to add..

With all these in mind, a culture of throwing money on weaves not needed have been born. In a country with a lot of people below poverty line, it really makes no sense for a girl or wife whose parents or spouse earns N18000 (minimum wage) to buy a weave of N50000 by any means see what I mean?!
In a larger context, there's the culture of Nigerians throwing away money on items not needed just because it came from 'obodo oyibo' even though there are good quality indigenous alternatives....

So, I agree with the makers of Aussie hair products when they say " There's more to life than hair but it's a good place to start".
P.s. I'm in love with their Aussie Moist shampoo and conditioner. Very moisturising and smells great at a low cost of N750 each.

P.p.s. Natural hair maintenance isn't cheap but money spent is money well words...EVOO, Shea butter, Aloe Vera anyone?
(For non Nigerian readers, $1= N 160 the last time I checked).

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