By Hadassah Agbaps - November 20, 2013

So, the style of the week heading is not totally accurate because I've been rocking this style since the 29th of October and will be taking it down pretty soon!
As usual, the stylist predicted a two months lifespan and thank God she decided to be a stylist not a prophetess because I will be taking down my style at the 3 week mark to give it at least a week to recuperate.

So, why yarn wraps?
Well I really loved the loc'd hairstyles I saw on the Ghanaian women and as I was searching for wedding hair style inspirations for a client, I kept seeing beautiful loc'd updos some of which I posted on Instagram. 
I couldn't sleep. 
I wasn't happy with my free hair anymore....I wanted  locs......I needed locs!

Of course I knew my hunger for locs would be short lived because I wouldn't be able to commit to it....I can't even commit to a style for more than three weeks! 
I always want a change......but now the change was locs!

While going about my daily duties, I spied a lady with what looked like locs.
 She had yarn wraps. 
It looked a bit stiff and I felt it was because she made it thicker. 
I decided to google up the style and saw a picture I would never forget.

It kept playing in my mind and I could visualize myself rocking locs.

One day I couldn't take it anymore. So I went to the stylist that evening (around four) armed with the photo and the yarn and told her I wanted to 'wrap my hair with wool'.
'But Aunty it's late now...why don't you come early tomorrow by 7am and we'll start. This style takes time!'
'No!' I said quickly....I didn't think I'd tolerate another night of waiting. ' Do it now....wherever we stop, we'll continue tomorrow''.
She looked at me and sighed....probably wondering how she ended up with a strange customer.

First, I have natural hair, then I come to her in braids and tell her to loose them one at a time, then I tell her not to comb, then I tell her to make the parts in squares (neater IMO), then I don't let her apply cream on my hair, scalp or extension....offering her instead, some strange vanilla smelling concoction which seems to be the secret to having manageable natchi hair.....strange indeed.

She started cutting the yarn into sections. A shorter one to braid my hair with and a longer one for the wrapping. I gave her 8 strands of yarn for the braids and 2 for the wrapping.
 When she began wrapping I was so scared of the pain....because I heard yarn wraps were painful....but I felt nothing....she was gentle.

We had done a little less than half of the hair before closing time so I turbaned my hair that night and the following day.

Never under estimate the pain! 
I felt nothing when the wrapping was going on but when I wanted to sleep, the rather stiff locs hurt so much I felt like I was five again with the pain from newly threaded hair! This is threaded hair but funkified with yarn....but mehn, I think I could tolerate pain better at five!
I wanted to take down the hair....I tried but due to the length of the locs, it took a long time to unwrap even one loc and I couldn't cut it because the wrap was exactly the length of my hair! 
How I wished then that I had a TWA!

I slept with dried tears on my face.

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