By Hadassah Agbaps - May 26, 2014

Hi people, what's been on?

I've been so busy of late that the only thing I do with my nights is SLEEP. That doesn't stop me from sharing what's been on hairwise on Instagram.

I was tagged by Freda to confess all the sins I've committed with my natural hair! Here's the good, bad and ugly things I've done!

1. I've relaxed my hair.  Back in secondary school, my edges refused to behave so I had the brilliant idea to relax them with a relaxer....*face palm*

2. I've completely shaved off said edges thrice. Once after the ill fated relaxing (edges felt weird) ,after it became patchy due to tension alopecia from ghana weaving and after I decided I didn't need a widow's peak and irregular hairline......guys do it and it looks good nawww....

3. I hennaed and dyed my hair chemically two weeks apart....I almost dyed it purple but settled for a 'safe' shade of coppery red.

4. I don't always sleep in a satin bonnet...sometimes I don't even know where it is!

5. I use a steam iron to straighten my hair when I'm in a hurry...please don't ask me how...*coversface*

6. When you see me in buns, just know I didn't know what to do with my hair....same with a fro.

7. My pet peeve is oily hair/scalp...freaks me out...I just think 'mmanu...pimples.... mmanu'....this comes from someone doing the Indian Oiling Method...smh.
*mmanu- Igbo word for word for bacteria/fungi loaded grease!

8. I'm not sentimentally or emotionally attached to my hair....strange but true...this blog is the only reason I haven't been scissors happy.

9. I'm a lazy natural. I cut corners where I can.

10. I've done one million twists (pin sized ) on my hair and had it in for two months!

Berry Dakara




Discovering Natural


Check 'em out and help me disturb them to confess...can't be the only one confessing ..abi!!!!

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