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Hi guys, how are you all doing?

Does Fenty Beauty ship to Nigeria? Good question!

If you're a makeup lover and enjoy @fentybeauty makeup products .......well....I recently discovered that FentyBeauty ships DIRECTLY to Nigeria 🇳🇬!

This is a good development because you don't have to worry anymore about spending a lot of money on products only to discover that you were sold fakes!!!
I've been in this place several times! Very annoying 😒.
It's even more scary because I have very sensitive skin!

Do you know something?
I learnt that what some sellers do is... they sell you the original products of popular brands the first time you buy to establish trust....and then subsequently, they mix in some fakes so they can make more profit.
How diabolical! 😱 😨 😱 I have so many things on my mind than  looking out for fakes products, I resorted to purchasing my products directly from the brand websites and have them shipped to me via this shipping company

I had run out of my foundation and was perusing the Fentybeauty website when a pop up let me know that they ship directly to Nigeria.

To test this out, I ordered the above foundation on their website.
It was quite straightforward and they would show you exactly how much shipping to your address is.
I paid using PayPal.

After 2 days, I got an email with my receipt and tracking information from GlobalE...which is the company FentyBeauty use for international shipping.
The email contained a link which directed me to the site for tracking my order.

I waited patiently!

1 week.....2 weeks....3 weeks..........4 weeks......oga o! 
I began worried after the 4th week and no call.

Being my first time ordering at their site, I was kinda scared.
I didn't know what carriers they were using to ship and so I was scared that my package would get missing. 
I didn't receive much information about the whereabouts of my order other than it had passed customs in Nigeria. 
Oya, na....where's my product???

I usually do my international shopping with a shipping company called BPBeauty and get my products in 2 weeks!
I've been using them for more than 4 years without trouble and unnecessary extra expenses and custom charges!

So, I was kinda expecting that my products should have gotten to me in like 3 weeks at most!

Like I said earlier, FentyBeauty ships internationally with a company called GlobalE....and to be honest, their website was designed to prevent one from communicating with them!
I could only access a Contact form and after typing in my enquiry, I received absolutely no response!!!!

I went back to FentyBeauty website and contacted their customer care agent.
 The lady I was assigned to was quite nice and prompt in replying and allaying my fears.
However, the information she gave me concerning the whereabouts of my package was no different from the cryptic one on GlobalE page.

 I was relieved when I was called by the local Post Office to pick up my package!

It took 36 days to get to me when it usually takes 2 weeks via BPBeauty.

The packaging was a no frills sort....just the product in a cardboard box and some paper. I was kinda expecting something fancier...but oh well!

The product cost $22.50 since I took advantage of the sale that was going on at the time and shipping as at the time I ordered was $4.
The bank debited about N13000 from my account even though on FentyBeauty site, I was to spend about N11000.

Anyways, I was glad the product arrived and my mini shipping experiment was successful. 

Tip: If you're a student shopping, you can pair up with friends to split shipping costs.

So question is.....would I really be ordering directly from FentyBeauty?

Well, to be honest, maybe!

At least, I can confidently place larger orders to take advantage of the FREE shipping on orders more than $75.

However, 36 days is too long for a lot to go wrong with my there's the issue of custom charges which aren't really fixed.

Well, that's it for now until I'm ready for the review of the FentyBeauty Hydrating Foundation.

Here's the review of other foundations I've tried.

If you have any questions, please ask away in the comments 

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