By Hadassah Agbaps - April 15, 2012

O.K. This is officially the first post and I am celebrating with a glass of  champagne *furiously trying to pop the cork while looking classy*....aha!

 I am not so good with toasts but here goes nothing...
" a toast to all those bros and sistas who advised me to start a blog to document my natural hair journey. I know you just said that to get me off your neck about transitioning and big chopping and shoving " I too know" natural hair advice down your throats.
I pray for your sakes this holds my interest because I really enjoy my one on ones!
 That being said I " throway salute" to all those beautiful brothers and sisters world wide rocking those gravity defying,water loving afros in all its untamed glory.
 I also give "gbosas" to all those currently reading my long introduction post...I feel your pain...but its a Nigerian thing! Y'all get used to it soon.
I also won't forget to salute all those natural hair blogs that I stalk when I have things to do. Thumbs up to Nikki Walton of natural hair blog. Despite the difference in our hair textures, just a picture of her hair lifts my roots and my mood...excuse me while I take another peek....'
Okay....that's the end of today's post...I think.....

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  1. hi, i've gone through your blog, you mentioned somewhere dat you grew up in the north, did you use maishanu? i noticed that i did not see it stated anywhere in your blog. i just started using it. asides from the smell which is a general concern. it is a fabulous oil for deep conditioning. please reply if you have ways/methods that you can suggest i use it. some pple say u can use it with a steamer? please reply

  2. Manshanu is good because it's a protein and hot oil treatment in one!
    I have tried manshanu about twice in my journey. The first was a gift by one of our Fula braiders. I was younger and the only thing I can remember thinking was "eewww"
    The second time was in Uni when I was looking for the cure to my heat damaged hair. I bought it from a Fula woman that sold fura da nono.
    I shampooed my hair to get it clean so the butter would work deeply. I remember mixing it up with Dove conditioner to mask the smell a bit before applying. Then I bagged my hair with a shower cap for about 15-20 mins, rinsed with cold water and washed again with conditioner because of the smell. My coil had a bit more elasticity and didn't dry out fast...but I got similar results with fresh yoghurt and "nono" without the smell. Didn't fancy smelling like "eau de milkmaid".
    I don't have a steamer but I don't think it's a bad idea. It'll make for deeper, faster conditioning....I think I'll have to look into that steamer!
    If I get hold of manshanu again (which is a bit unlikely since I'm in the east now) I'd use it for an overnight prepoo treatment mixed with a little vanilla essential oil and eucalyptus because the smell unlike Shea butter lingers a bit.
    Be sure to get fresh one from the milk maids. It doesn't smell so bad...more "yoghurty" than "spoilt milky".

  3. Omg I have gone through your entire blog! Lol Its so informative, you're doing a good job. I'm so excited cos I'm planning a big chop for the end of the year so I can start 2014 with fresh natural hair (yaaayyyy!) so I'm trying to soak up as much info as possible and your blog has really, really helped me. I've never been fully natural, except in school and it wasn't even really fully natural cos I used to put small relaxer in it but not enough for the teachers to notice (hehe). Oh and when I was a teeny wee child and my hair was thick and long then so I'm going back to that and I believe it will be even longer and thicker now. Can you tell how excited I am about going natural again?! Lol :D well I shall keep checking out your blog and maybe I'll be featured someday in the future! Have a nice week!! Xx

  4. Lol! I can tell you're really excited and I'm eagerly looking forward to featuring you and sharing your journey!

  5. Thank you for this introduction. Somehow, I already feel very inspired. I can't wait to read other topics on your blog.


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