By Hadassah Agbaps - April 18, 2012


 The above was a comment made by my transitioning youngest sis after a botched attempt ( to her, not to me but's her hair!) at twistouts. She had watched enviously as I rocked mini twists for 2 weeks and then twist outs for a week. It was at this point she asked me to do hers.
Now, my sis is one of those transitioners that stuff their hair in weaves cos they can't be bothered ( she gives being a med student as her excuse but I'm not biting), so this was pretty much a big deal for her. ( I on the other hand, am one of those naturals with hand in hair syndrome).

Well, I got down to it with my hands in her hair. After washing her hair with Organics Root Stimulating shampoo, I deep conditioned with a mix of EVOO, Coconut oil & Natur Vital Condish for sensitive scalps ( I love this cos it has no silicones, no parabens and no phtalates and so is perfect for mixing up with natural oils and all things nice). I left the mix in for 20mins under a shower cap and then rinsed out.
I then proceeded to twist her hair using a mix of aloe vera ( for moisture and hold) and unrefined shea butter( for sealing in moisture).
Two hours later, we were done. Voila!!!!!!.....

My sis looked in the mirror.....*drum roll*.....and went........
" I look like 'Ibinabo'"......
She didn't just stop helpfully explained the 'Ibinabo' bit by saying " I look like a poor, illiterate, village girl. I don't look sophisticated. Why doesn't it look like yours?".

Her comments might have sounded ungrateful..ok...I did think she was being ungrateful at first, but after I calmed down, I began to understand where all this was coming from.
"What about your hair don't you like?", I asked her...
"Well, for one my hair just hangs limp, my edges aren't smooth, my hair doesn't look as full as yours."

Hmmmm......I've had my bad hair moments when my hair doesn't look great but then, if I have time, I try to style it in a way I'm comfortable with, if not, I rock a fab turban.

Then I showed her pictures of similar twist styles on and before she settled on a faux mohawk style.
After pining up her hair in the faux mohawk style, she felt just a tad better but not confident enough for me to take pictures of her to post on my blog....oh time I guess..

Do you think natural hair makes one look unsophisticated and plain? 

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  1. And people are under the impression that because you all are in the motherland, that you all embrace being natural the most and this is not true apparently. I thank you for sharing this piece of realism.

  2. It's so amazing seeing how far you've come with this natural hair journey. Heck, you were already all for it before I even had any idea what my hair looked like unrelaxed.

    Thank you for paving a path for us naturalistas.


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