By Hadassah Agbaps - January 31, 2014

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

In our world of appearances, it's easy to be misled by the word "perfection"!
We are constantly exposed to perfect looking people on our T.V. screens, in magazines, on the streets and online.
It is only normal to feel so......imperfect! Usual statements or thoughts are
"I'm too fat",
" I'm too skinny",
" I have short legs"
" I'm too dark"
" My stomach is too big"
"I can never wear that"
" I can never look like that"....yada yada yada!

I am also stared at in the face by my own insecurities but do you know what?!
I've finally discovered the secret to being fabulous and perfect!


Beauty they say lies in the eyes of the beholder and why not give those eyes the perfect bits to behold!
 It's not mad science.
 It's what perfect looking people do!
They draw your eyes and concentration to those perfect bits!
They hide their flaws and accentuate their assets!
Don't know what your assets are????

QUICKLY!! Go find out then come back and read this!!!

Now you know your assets, let me show you how to play them up!
( In a fashionable and not vulgar way!)

Some people are blessed with long, luscious hair that shines and bounces without much care...
Protein treatments, hair serums, deep conditioning, steaming, hair supplements???
What the heck is all that???
Ask those with gorgeous hair about their hair care regimen and they go...
" What regimen?"        (and believe least...some of them).
If you fall into this category of people, please "whip that hair!!!!" and show the world!
 Don't hide it under scarves, caps, extensions, weaves and such!
Allow other not so fortunate people admire God's work!
Boost the natural beauty of your hair by eating right, avoiding constant heat, moisturising and deep conditioning ( yes, you have to!).
Avoid tightly styled hair and harmful chemicals in relaxers and dyes if you can.
If you are relaxed, retouch new growth only and use a heat protectant while using heat appliances such as blow dryers, hair dryers, tongs and flatirons.
 Do not relax and dye/braid/install weaves the same day.
(Note that great hair is healthy hair. It has absolutely nothing to do with hair type.)

Oh, how we envy those makeupless, smooth, spotless, glowing skinned sisters!
Their beautiful skin is the basis of the multi billion dollar beauty and cosmetic industry!
They sell different products under different names with promises of giving us smooth, flawless skin and judging by their profits, we fall for it!
If this asset is yours, then you are one lucky chick!
Thank the Lord and invest in caring for it by eating right, drinking enough water, sleeping well, using the right makeup and skin care products.
TIP: A good foundation and skillfully applied highlighter in the spots where light naturally hits your face such as your forehead, cheek bones, jaw and chin would make you glow ethereally!
Who doesn't want to look angelic???

Do you have beautifully shaped pearly whites?
Do you blind people with your smile?
Do you know some celebrities like Julia Roberts and America Ferrara insured their smiles for millions of dollars bringing the saying "million dollar smile" to life!

No???.....well now you know!

If you fall into this category, then you really have something to smile about!
Go for glamour with a bold, blue tinted lipstick (blue tint make your whites, whiter and not yellowish)!
Slick on that va va voom red lippy and smile, smile, smile away!
(Disclaimer: constantly walking around with a smile permanently plastered on your face will put you at risk of the sick house! Show you jewels wisely...not foolishly)

Have glutes like Beyonce and J'LO?
Well, don't hide it!
Uhh..... it seems some Nigerian babes have no problem flaunting it........lewdly...butt cracks and all!
Please take the class out of the trash by showing it off with style!
Don't stick that bum in our faces, tease us with it!
You can do this subtly ;) in an ubersexy jumpsuit or maxi gowns that cinch in at the waist and fall softly around the hips and bum.
Jersey fabrics look pretty good on people with this asset... as long as they don't have beer belly.
Think Kim Kardashian at her classiest (not sluttiest).

Think Bambi??? Nah....think hot Victoria Secret Model!
Those shapely pins are something to trip for!
If your inner leg measures >40 inches, then baby, you got a winner!
Show off those legs in shorts (not bum shorts tho...will look like panties), rompers and minis!
Don't be afraid to wear heels even if you are on the really tall side....why the clamour to date models, huh???
Get those pins ready for action by treating yourself to a leg wax ( gorilla NOT sexy) and add a bit of shimmer lotion to get them shiny!
For those not comfortable enough to wear short stuff but have long legs, skinny jeans, leggings, jeggings and heels will be your buddies.
Simply paint your toes nails,add a pair of vertiginous heels and walk (not wobble) tall.

With your shoulders, clothes just hang the right way on you like a mannequin!
Elegance is good taste plus a dash of daring!
Show off those shoulders in tube dresses, mono sleeves and sleeveless tops and dresses...take your pick!
But puhleasssseee.....prepare that gift by exfoliating and moisturising and adding a touch of shimmer ( not glitter...sooo art project).

I don't have much to say about boobs because to me they can be overrated!
NO THANKS to skinny women with big implants like I see in some reality shows.
I believe in proportions.
No point being all "P" shaped.
But if like some people, you have nice well shaped boobs that can stand on their own without much needed support from bras and implants, then you sure have a beautiful asset!
Nice boobs gives femininity to clothing whether you wear a pillowcase or not!To accentuate your asset fashionably without a hint of sluttiness, avoid really low necklines as you have an asset that is hard to ignore even if it is covered up!
Tease us a little bit with class!
If your boobies are on the B cup size and fall in the range of 34-36, turtleneck tops look really nice. Bigger than that, please avoid!

If you have wide, evenly spaced, almondshaped, clear eyes, then you have a beautiful asset.
 Alas, they say "the window to the soul is the eyes".
Keep those windows clean and clear (to avoid blurry images of the soul) by sleeping well, eating your veggies and fruits especially those rich in Vitamin A, drinking enough water and shielding those peekers from the sun.
Think Rihanna and Katy Perry when it comes to eye makeup.
 I really love how their makeup artists accentuate their eyes.
Avoid drugs, alcohol and anything or anybody that will make you cry eyes anyone?

All body shapes are beautiful in their own way (and I will talk about how to show them off in another post, so stay tuned).
Be that as it may, some body shapes are more coveted than others.
One body shape that comes to mind is the "hourglass shape". This is the standard for the female form and other body shapes are dressed to address deviations from this shape type.
If you are naturally blessed with the statistics of 36-24-36, then you have an enviable's no wonder that Mercy Johnson inspite of not being as pretty as other actresses, is one of the top actresses in Nigeria. #justsaying.
Play up this asset by dressing with class.
Clothing should be fitted and not tight.
Walk tall and gracefully!
Do not force those hips to roll, mami! They do that on automatic!
Most dresses look good on you, so don't be afraid to explore.
Go for classy, flowing pieces that drapes not clings to your body shape.
A nice best will accentuate your small waist.
Try to avoid the dreaded beer belly.
If you are not blessed with height, wear heels.
If you are blessed with height, wear heels!
Learn to dress for your body type!

So, the above are some of the "physical" assets that you can play up!
These make up only 20% of the journey to perfection. The remaining 80% is your attitude!
All these would be nothing if you have bad attitude, low morals and low esteem.

I planned to list up to ten major assets and have decided to leave the 10th one to y'all! So share!!!!

P.S. The #NNGiveaway closes midnight today! The winner will be announced on 2-2-2014.

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  1. Physical asset - LIPS!!! Full lips are beautiful! Or if you're like me, a cute little top lip and a fuller bottom one. People usually talk about my lips, but I've been downplaying them. I used to take a lot of pride in them - my nickname was Kiss-Me-Quick at some point :p

    Non-physical asset - Your personality, wit, brains, sense of humor!

  2. Yes! Attitude beats beauty anytime.


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