By Hadassah Agbaps - April 24, 2013

This is the season where we commemorate the sacrifice of Christ as He laid His life down as atonement for our sins. A life for a life. His unblemished life was deemed acceptable as a ransom to redeem us from the lawful hold of sin to which end was death without the option of life. We have been given a second chance to take part in the new covenant with God...every soul that believes.
I've been thinking about the similarities between my natural hair journey and my journey as a Christian.

Whenever I walk out proud and unashamed of my natural hair in an environment where it is frowned upon, I wonder if I walk and live proudly and unashamed of Christ in an environment where it is frowned upon.

Whenever someone tells me they are transitioning back to natural hair because I inspired them, I wonder if my life inspires them to be better Christians.

I've reached that stage in my natural hair journey where I'm not tempted to permanently alter my hair inspite of different hairstyles (sleek ponytail anyone) and products (e.g. attractively packaged relaxers) favoring my relaxed sistahs and I don't feel even the slightest urge to change my mind. I wonder if I've reached that stage of Christianity where I'm so confident in my Faith and the Word of God that no one and nothing can tempt me to stray.

Whenever I listen to my hair and know when it needs to be moisturised, washed, styled or left free, I wonder if I'm in sync with the Holy Spirit.

Whenever I'm careful to eat, drink and use the right products to keep my skin, hair and body healthy, I wonder if I'm careful to keep my spiritual life healthy.

Whenever I  meticulously go through a new product's ingredient list to make sure none is detrimental to the health of my hair and scalp,  I wonder if I meticulously filter through what I see, hear, read and say to keep my spiritual life healthy.

Whenever I'm too lazy to moisturise, sleep on a satin pillow or put on my satin bonnet daily , I wonder if I'm lazy to say my prayers and read my Bible daily.

Whenever I make friends that encourage me to keep my natural hair healthy, I wonder if I surround myself with people that encourage me to live a better Christian life.

Whenever I see the success of natural hair meetups, I pray for the success of good Christian meetups.

Whenever I see the friendships, care and love within the natural hair community who were once strangers to one another and brought together by the bond of similar natural hair journey, I wonder what it will be like in the Christian community if we show such love and care by the bond of being one with Christ.

Whenever I encourage or advice a new natural, I wonder if I've encouraged or adviced a new Christian.

Whenever I and seasoned naturals share natural hair tips, I wonder if I and seasoned Christians regularly share faith based tips.

Whenever I see "natural hair vs relaxed hair vs dyed vs hair type " feuds,  I wonder how long it will be before we shift focus from our differences to our similarities in all areas of race, sex, religion, geography, language etc!
It's hard enough just being human!!!

When I take time to learn how to achieve the perfect natural hair style and finally master it, I wonder if I take time to master being a good Christian.

When I'm excited to share my natural hair tips with a willing audience, I wonder if I'm that excited to share the Good News.
One hot afternoon,I was drinking chilled 'zobo', a sweetened hibiscus roselle drink. Even in the heat, it crossed my mind to leave some drink for a rinse.... I now wonder if God is close to my heart as my hair is ...apparently... lol!

I know the uses of almost every ingredient in a hair product by's a confession and I'm not alone... I wonder if I know by heart at least a passage in the Bible for every situation I or a Christian friend might be in.

There are many ways my natural hair puts me on the track of being a better person and Christian.
Does yours do the same for you?

Happy Easter Readers!
Live Beautifully. Naturally.

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  1. Great post!!! This is the post that confirms that there is a reason why I found this blog. As a "babe in Christ" I hope to one day be at the point where temptations around me have no effect on me. Thanks sis, I really needed this. I look forward to more posts similar to this one. :)

  2. Thank you, Kiki. :) I'm glad the post resonated with you as a fellow babe in Christ and by His grace, there'd be more. I also hope we finally get there. God bless!


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