By Hadassah Agbaps - April 03, 2014

Hi people, what's been on?!
Mehn...I'm tired of epileptic data connection! Which network provides seamless data service?

You remember how I said I was looking for a good one step leave in conditioner so much so that I had to make my own?
Well, I waka well in the last NITC7 meetup because NaturalNigerian thoughtfully gifted me a nice yummy smelling leave in conditioner and put a temporary halt to my search....

It's called Natural Nigerian Moisture and Shine Detangling Leave In Conditioner.

It sounds really fancy right? Let's see how fancy it makes my hair......

Nourishes, Fortifies, Moisturizes.
Natural Nigerian Moisture & Shine Detangling Leave In Conditioner is a lightweight, pH balanced conditioner which can be used to detangle as well as improve the general manageability of your hair. It contains plant derived Active ingredients. It contains high performance moisturisers which nourish your hair, protects it from heat and even helps it retain vibrant color.
It can be used for Kinky, Curly, Straight textures.


236ml/8 oz


DIRECTIONS: Apply to damp or dry hair and distribute evenly. Do not rinse out.

This product is a proudly Nigerian product. I usually have issues with the packaging of our Nigerian products. While the content may be great, you may not be tempted to purchase due to the unappealing packaging which is not really nice if like me you want your bathroom shelf to look beautiful with rainbow coloured products.....I'm weird I know...bite me!
Anywho, this product is nicely packaged and I dig the silver cap. I have this proudly on display!

The next thing I like is the scent....citrusy and fresh and gives me a nice happy boost on dull mornings. It is light and not overpowering and I dig fruity scents.

It looks good, smells right....does it keep up to its promises?

Well let's see.

I used this product on clean damp hair. I applied it as per the directions.
The slip was quite good as I was able to keep my ends from knotting together as I fingerdetangled to twist.

 I also noticed that the oils in this leave in are real!
I tried doing the LOC using it as a leave in and adding hair felt pretty oily meaning that it was sufficient on its own. Like a one step LOC leave in.

It didn't provide the two days moisture retention I usually look out for in leave ins but it did keep my hair really soft and fluffy with that nice citrusy scent.

It also played well with other products without leaving gunk when mixed with styling gel. I notice this with some of my conditioners....but this mixed smoothly which made styling sessions easier.

Speaking about styling, I notice the NaturalNigerian Moisture and Shine Leave In Conditioner works better on my dry hair than on wet or damp. In fact I got the lightest, fluffiest braidouts using this product alone on dry hair with a nice non oily sheen to my braidouts.


I enjoy this product best as

- a daily moisturiser especially on my ends because it didn't feel like I had product buildup when used consistently for 5 days.

- for stretched hairstyles where I want to avoid lots of shrinkage. Keeps my braidouts moisturised without shrinkage. I actually prefer it for braidouts than twistouts because with twistouts, I do not get lasting definition and hold as much as I'd like unless I mix it with a little styling gel.

- As a moisturiser before and after blowdry. I used it when I blowdried my sister's hair and it was sleek, shiny (without the oily feeling) and felt downy soft without the dry, sharp feeling. The results were comparable to the results I get when I use Blowfish cream.

- As a moisturiser for virgin brazilian weave. I really don't like all those silicone based serum on my weave because it weighs it down after the second application and the hair begins to feel sticky and loses the movement it had originally.  This keeps the hair shiny, soft feeling without loss of movement.

-As a moisturiser for  relaxed hair...One word...PERFECT!
My pet peeve with relaxed hair is the way it doesn't have movement because of all the 'mmanu' the hairdressers apply to make it shine.
 You can't touch the hair without suffering a greasy and sometimes dirty palm. If there isn't any grease most times the hair feels dry and sharp! Like straightened barb wire.

 I like soft fluffy hair....I really do. This product not only provided shine to my girlfriend's relaxed hair, it also kept it soft and silky without sacrificing movement.
In my opinion I felt it worked better on her hair than mine so it is in her possession!

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  1. Great review! I'll be on the look out for this when I visit!

    1. Thanks Freda! Please do try's one of the best leave ins I've used recently.

  2. I got mine last week, was even thinking I would empty half of the bottle for my full coarse hair.lool but no just a little quantity was enough for my hair. made my hair soft n combing less or not painful self plus d smell ehn. At a point, I would touch my hair to smell it on my hand. I ain't a product junkie so I think this is my last bus stop for a good leave in for my hair. #grins

    1. Lol! True I had the same thoughts. I was like this one is just for one use is it going to detangle all my hair without finishing at once! That's one reason I was keen on doing the LOC with it but it proved to be a 'big boy'!
      Yes o...the smell is really lovely and I used to sniff my hair sometimes....#confessions.
      I agree that it is a good 'last bus stop leave in conditioner'.....but if I stop at this one....then no more product reviews! Lol!

  3. great review.

  4. Lol @mmanu. Anytime I go to the salon I have to be on red alert for the girl with the tub of grease. So that means the search for the perfect leave in is still on? Good luck


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