By Hadassah Agbaps - May 01, 2014

Hi people, what's been on!

 It's always fun when Nigerian naturals share their journey in their own words. It makes it more real than the scripted question and answer format which was intended to serve as a guide but nothing beats!

Here's the unscripted hair journey of a Nigerian/Ghananian nayuralista who believes there should be #nolimits to natural hair styling choices. The natural hair rules only serve as a guide to tread the sometimes stormy waters of a transition. Once you get the hang of it, you've graduated and are free to do whatever with your hair boo!

Without further ado, meet Kehinde Adeyemi and here's her story!

It is always hard to express my thoughts when people ask about my natural hair journey

It cracks me up when I see this debate between relaxed and naturals pop up on the blogosphere
There's been a lot of bashing and hateful words thrown around when it comes to team natural versus relaxed hair. It’s a matter of personal choice and I am sick and tired of the natural hair debate, some people get unnecessary worked up over trivial issues.

My opinion about it all is this.... Natural or Relaxed hair as long as you look good and happy wearing whatever you choose.
Life is about choices as a matter of fact whatever makes anyone sleep at night!!!!

My name is Kehinde Adeyemi, I’m half Nigerian/Half Ghanaian (mixed race abi I know lool)...

Please bear in mind my reason for going natural was because I needed a change and love the natural hair texture, it had nothing to do with hair breakage or the intention of keeping my hair healthy.

In 2009 I remember coming out of a service in church, I saw a friend with  neatly made cornrows done with her natural hair and I fell I love with the hair instantly.
Sad though because I believed I couldn't have my hair done like that without having extensions added thanks to my woolly Ghanaian hair!

After that event I tried transitioning which was really impossible because of having two textures of hair at a go. I went back to my relaxed route jejely.

March 26 2013,  I woke up like every normal person and suddenly had a mood swing coupled with mid life crises. I craved for a change badly, I took out my weave, had it washed and headed straight to my hairdresser.

I got there and she came up with a long sermon on how thick and healthy my hair was and I shouldn't cut it, she prays for my hair texture blaaa di blaaaaa ( shuooo preaching on top my matter o)

I reached for a pair of scissors and nicely chopped of a side of my hair and the barber was forced to give a nice cut (Hallelujah)


Monday morning I pancaked and "panel-beated” my face to suit my supposed new look
I got to work feeling like Solange Knowles in my mind .....surprisingly everyone loved it! (shakara increased)

I had it bleached, dyed shaped up every week regardless of  the side talk about bleaching damaging the hair.
 My hair texture fostered my creativity.
Someone once said to me my hair wasn’t natural because I had it bleached and dyed .......mchewwwww .....what’s my own with the naturalist medal?
My major concern is that I look HAWWWWWT and turn heads!

That's me looking fierce...

 From that moment I was determined to have fun all way bearing in mind my Graduation was 6 months away but I secretly hoped for a miraculous growth to be able to rock my Brazilian hair o!

I’ve had people say a lot about shoving my hair in their faces and my pictures on social networks is all about my hair, nut seriously it’s all mine I love and adore it as a matter of's almost an!

Sticking to my natural hair state, I mix my hair products.
There are a huge range of products and techniques out there but I wasn’t ready to dabble into any. I wanted what worked for me.
Shea butter, virgin olive oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, coconut oil, tea tree, jasmine oil and my beloved Moringa oil are never far away!

I leave my hair out for 2weeks after any it weave or cornrows.In the 2weeks of leaving my hair out I wash and condition it every day.

I flat twist my hair to stretch it out and do my protective style of choice for the week.

I stick mostly to twist outs because that way I don’t have to comb it every morning (OOUCH). The following week I use flexi rods for a change.

My life saving Spray of water, coconut oil and moringa oil.

I love hair accessories, hair bows and clips, colourful elastic hair bands and ruffles

Final words??? I believe everyone has the right to do whatever they want with their own hair, regardless of the reasons it’s called a CHOICE!

Did you guys notice her vibrant color and how she rocked each stage of her natural hair journey???
If you are tempted to switch up the color of your hair and want to do it safely, keep watching this blog for tips and tricks of coloring your hair and getting away with it!!!

Do you have a hair related story, recipe, tips and tricks you'd love to share??? Send them to

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  1. I love her! Attitude, hair, humour. I support the live and let live approach to other people's hair. It's theirs after all. Great feature H

  2. Replies
    1. Berry no hype you are simply amazing!!!! Seems like I've known you in my previous life

    2. Berry you are simply Amazing !!xxx

    3. *blushes* Naaaaaah, I'm aight.

  3. Great hair! Please can you explain (step-by-step), how you got your hair to be that coily/ curly? I'm actually referring to the low cut. Plus what specific products do you use?

    1. Hi ,

      All through my low cut phase i used no product asides Shea butter...i tried eco styling gel twice and it left me with flakes

      let’s just say my Ghanaian side is dominant with my hair lool

  4. Your hair looks gorgeous? Pls let's know your hair routine. Keep up the good work.

  5. I love this natural chick! You own your hair and there is nothing cuter than that.

  6. How can you be a mixed race with Ghana and Nigeria, that's a very big grammatical blunder if you say it usually stop, you are not biracial , You are full blooded African despite the fact your parents are from different countries


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