By Hadassah Agbaps - May 08, 2014

Hi people, what's been on?

I've been in a bun for a while due to exams and an increasingly busy life but seriously though...that's no excuse not to get more creative with my hair.
Most times the only extra thing I do is put my hair in twists and style from there.

So I decided to take part in the #31daysofkinkz Instagram May challenge hosted by Nigerian naturalistas @kinkyapothecary , @ibbz_ter and @berrydakara. If you are on Instagram, check us out there!  For those not on Instagram, I'll share some pics of the hairstyles we've done so far!
My Instagram profile is @nappilynigeriangirl.

You can also join in if you are on braids, twists or loc (with or without extensions in)

I'm still trying to grow my fine porous hair down my waist (when stretched) and shoulder length (in a shrunken fro). So far, I'm succeeding!
My regimen is still the Indian Oiling Method with some Ayurvedic elements. I still shampoo once a month, cowash once a week or every now and then (there's a road construction going on near my street and my hair is always dusty), henna treatment once a month and deep conditioning, tea rinse and Apple Cider rinse when I need it.

Current length stretched
Shoulder length unstretched

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  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!this is soooooooooo beautiful and creative. cant wait for my bc come JULY,just hope i will be able to style my hair as half as u inspired#

  2. Wow, your hair has grown long that when I saw it. Congrats o. Do you know I cut my hair? Anyway, I believe I will hit my goal sometime in future too. Well done.

    1. Thanks boo! Lol..Just saw ur post about the trim you had to get. Chai! Your hair really doesn't like aloe vera o!

  3. I love your length


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