By Hadassah Agbaps - August 20, 2015

When I tell people I can rock Ghana weaving using Expression Kanekalon Braiding hair instead of easier to blend kinky twist hair, I get asked how I keep it looking smooth.
One major problem with using straight extensions while braiding natural hair is that in a short while, it starts looking fuzzy and rough.

Sitting down for hours to braid my hair is my least favourite thing to do....I literally get 'bumbum burns' so I try as much as possible to make my hair last and stay neat for as long as possible.

How do I do this without the braider picking all my hair including my scalp in an effort to make my hair last and look neater for longer?

1. I stretch my hair.
I do this either by threading, using a blowdryer or by making big braids. When my hair is stretched prior to braiding, it comes out smoother and lasts longer without fuzziness.

2. I do not allow water to touch my hair.
Yes, it's important to moisturise your hair while it is in a protective style but drenching your hair with water is only going to make it frizz up faster. Instead I moisturise my hair with a light lotion which provides my hair with just enough moisture without wetting it enough to cause it to curl up.

3. I increase my moisture routine prior to styling.
While I'm random with my hair styling, I usually have at least a vague idea when I want to style my hair. So I deep condition at any opportunity and try to love up my daily leave in conditioner so by the time my hair is stretched and ready for styling, it's not so dry that I'll have to douse it in water to rehydrate it.

4. I wrap my hair in a scarf.
This is a very old trick I learnt in secondary school and it helps keep my hair looking neat and smooth throughout the two weeks I have my braids, twists or cornrows in and I do so till today. I also protect my hair with a shower cap....a scarf first then a shower cap on protect my hair from humidity.

5. I put my hair up.
 When the weather gets hot and sweaty, the wetness can cause the hair within the braids especially at the ends to shrink up and frizz up. So I try to keep my hair away from my body. It's too hot to let my hair down anyway.

6. I get a trim
If I notice that despite my efforts to make my style last it gets fuzzy, then I know I'm due for a trim and when I get it done, my hair stays smoother for longer.

7. I reduce hand - in -hair.
It's tempting to absentmindedly play with your hair but that only makes it get rough faster.

8. I don't brush my hair.
It only makes things worse. Instead put some hair butter on your hand, pat it into your hair, then tie a scarf around it and take it off just as you are about to leave the house. Problem solved.

So, protective styling ninjas , how do you keep your hair on fleek?

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  1. Thank you very much. But what do I do when my hair becomes so itchy


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