By Hadassah Agbaps - April 20, 2015

Hi people, what's been on?!

Today I'll be sharing the reviews of the first #ReviewwithHadassah Giveaway!

 It's one thing for a blogger to say how fabulous she found a product on her hair but it's also great to share the reviews with another natural with a different hair type to kind of get the idea of how well it works. With the giveaway, one random reader and I will get to try out a new product together!
I'm also doing this to reduce any bias that comes with reviewing a sponsored product.

 Product reviews are important when it comes to trying out a new product.  Before buying any,  it's useful to check out reviews. I'm not saying that it'll 100% work for you if it work for a lot of people, but it will increase the probability of getting something that'll work for you.
You can't really depend on the literature on the packaging because companies themselves will never tell you their products won't work.
However, someone who bought it and tried it out can say honestly if it worked or it didn't.

That's why I always find it hilarious when we ask a seller in Nigeria,
"Will it work?"
"Is it original?"
Do you really expect the marketer to say no???

So back to the review!

@oluwabusolaa and I did this one together.

Aphogee Curlific Curl Definer

8oz /237ml

N1950 - N2500 depending on location. Get it here

Curls confused? Curlific Curl Definer separates and defines your mane adding bounce, definition and control. ...that lasts!


Use on damp hair. Dispense a small amount. between palms and disperse, scrunch through hair and either air dry or use a diffuser dryer.  Use after Curlific Moisture Rich Leave in if using a leave in conditioner.

Perfumy scent that sticks. Not so bad though.
Slippery and sticky on application but non sticky when it dries. Haven't noticed any flaking with this product unlike the Cantu Define and Custard.


I just took out a protective style I had for a month, I shampooed and deep conditioned for about 4 hours and rinsed my hair.
I followed the directions on the post on wash and go... Applied the curl definer, squeezed it in as described, finger combed and put my hair in 10 loose twists.

I waited till it was almost dry and took out the twists and used my fingers to fluff it a little.


1. I had a lot of curl definition. The best I've had so far. (The pictures aren't doing a lot of justice)
2. I didn't have flaking of any sort and my hair didn't feel weird like my previous trials with some other products.
3. My hair was moisturised for the most part of the day (I'm not sure if it was the curl definer that did this or the deep conditioning)
4. It had a nice mild scent that I liked. Nothing too strong.

1. My hair was shrunken! Like I didn't air dry it at all. I was worried about my hair knotting up (I had to do a big chop because of knots recently).
Next time I'll let it dry more before I take the twists out.

2. After my long day, I tried to preserve the curls for the next day but I couldn't. The next morning I basically had twist outs. I'm guessing it's because I have short hair (about 5 and a half inches)

Overall, I think this is a really good product. Will i keep using it? yes. I still need to find a way to keep my definition for longer though.


I quite like the Aphogee curl definer!
It's a bit sticky on application but isn't once my hair dries.

I have fine 4b/c hair and it works consistently for twistouts, braidouts, holding twists together, permrod sets, bantu knot outs even on my sister who's natural hair doesn't hold sets well! At last, a curl definer that works for four heads of natural hair with different textures!

Finally, a curly set that lasted all week!!!!

Unlike mousse or setting lotion, it has less of the dripping factor so it's less mess if you're in a hurry.

It also helps tame flyaways and frizzes and doesn't flake. My little cousins (3yrs and 5yrs) have fine frizzy natural hair. Braid or weave their hair and it gets fuzzy immediately. This product helped not only to tame frizzes, it also gave the twists a nice sheen.

As for wash and gos, it doesn't give me consistent results like I get with other stylers such as Miss Jessies Jelly Soft Curls or Cantu Define and Shine Custard ( minus the flakes) or Ecostyler gel (minus the stickiness and crunch).
When I use it for wash and gos on freshly washed and conditioned curls, it really defines the curls in the 4b part of my hair but for the 4c parts, sometimes it does (awesome, shiny defined curls), sometimes it doesn't (it just stays in my hair and I have to work it in real good for visible clumping).

Best practice is to use it on damp hair over a leave in. (I use Shea Moisture Restorative). This gives it more slip so it glides over the hair while it does what it does.

Will definitely fact we are on our third tube with the fourth in storage.

Have you tried Aphogee Curlific Curl Definer? Did you like it, dislike it or was it 'meh'?

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  1. I use the aphogee curlific moisturich leave in and the texture treatment. They are both AWESOME!!!

  2. The best I have ever used is the GKhair CurlsDefineHer. Best for creating definable curls and waves with light hold while controlling frizz and flyaways leaving a soft smooth finish. I'd highly recommend it. :) <3


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