By Hadassah Agbaps - September 28, 2016

Hi people, what's been on?

How's your hair journey been going?  Would love to read your updates!

Here's mine.....

Two weeks after I had mini twists, I decided to get a weave. I usually give my hair a week or two between protective styles. I'll make sure to consistently oil and moisturise my hair regularly to boost moisture levels. That way, I also have less breakage due to dryness when in a protective style that doesn't encourage constant wetting such as weaves, braids or straightened hair.
I also deep condition using heat (portable steam cap) a day or two before the protective style.

My newest protective style was a weave using virgin human body wave hair. I've had it for more than two years and I don't intend buying another.  As far as weaves go, I'm okay with one straightish weave (for days I want straight hair without flat ironing mine) and one kinky curly weave (for days I want to have my usual curly look while keeping my own hair protected).

It's harder for me to blend my hair with the straight weave especially now it's rainy and humid so I got a lace closure.

I have considered converting my weave into a wig but the thing with wigs is I don't feel comfortable sleeping in them and sometimes putting it on every morning can be a hassle.
I'm quite 'brief' (won't use lazy) with certain things on some days. The simpler, faster and easier, the better.
Sew ins if done properly helps me to almost forget my hair so weave to wig conversion won't happen any time soon!

Anyways,  I had a weave with closure installed and enjoyed it for five weeks.


Every night before bed, I would brush my hair properly with a Denman Brush and then braid or put it into rollers. In the morning, I'll take out the rollers and finger comb.
 I also use a little oil and moisturiser at the tips. I realise that with straight 1a/2b type hair, the less products you apply, the less it tangles. It's also light with a lot of movement.
I see people using a lot of silicone serums daily on weaves. It only makes the weave look greasy and weighed down.

Sometimes, just spraying the hair with water and brushing it is enough to tame fly aways. I do this when I'm not in the mood to roll my hair. I'll brush it the night before and make one braid. In the morning,I'll spray a little water and scrunch in.

Just water and I was good to go


So how do you keep your scalp clean under a weave?

- First you can carefully clean your hair and scalp with baby wipes. It's a bit time consuming but you don't have to deal with a wet head or going under a dryer.

- Alternatively, you can wash your hair.
 I cowashed the weave and shampooed my scalp using a sulphate free shampoo in an applicator bottle.

If you don't have this one, any bottle with a nozzle is good. Personally, this served me better.
The point is so the shampoo hits your roots.
 If you'd like one, you can purchase it here

Here's an outline of the process:

  • I braided the weave into 4 to make it easier to access my scalp. I diluted the shampoo 1 part shampoo:  1 part water. 
  • Then I used the pads of my finger to gently massage my hair to wash. 
  • I replaced the shampoo in the applicator bottle with clean water and used it to rinse my scalp until there was no foam. For good measure, I place my whole head under the shower for a thorough rinse.
  • Next, I refilled the applicator bottle with Apple Cider Vinegar (1 part ACV: 1 part water) and used it for a final rinse.I allowed it stay 5mins then dunked my head under the shower again.
  • Finally, I dried my roots with a blowdryer on cold. It took almost 2hrs for my hair to be reasonably dry.

This looks like a lot of work abi????
Believe me, it was but since I knew I was not going to take out my weave soon ( will have it in for more than my usual 3 weeks) it had to be done!!!!
Smelly, itchy biko!!! (Igbo for no please!!!)

To make up for the energy I expended, I had the weave on for a further 2 weeks before taking it out.


  • Lots of shed hair! (5 weeks ain't no joke)
  • Little dryness (I was surprised!)


  • I  applied a deep conditioner directly to my dry hair with immediate alacrity and got under the steam cap for 15mins.
  • Then cowashed, oiled and moisturised.

My hair bounced right back!


All in all, having the weave in for 5 weeks didn't really damage my hair.
 My scalp itched after 3 weeks which prompted the washing.
 I was approaching another 3rd week and the thought of another wash prompted me to take out the weave.

I'll never shampoo my hair under a weave...EVER!
I think I'll stick to my 3 weeks max rule for any protective style especially this one.


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  1. I haven't had a weave in for such a long time! The thought of very limited access to my scalp is a problem for me. And I've started getting bored with hairstyles quickly.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  2. Glad for the update. Keeping hair regimen intact with extensions can be so cumbersome, so thats why i prefer wigs myself when i crave extensions. My haur updates are on my blog, please show some love and let others know. Thanks dear :)


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