NNG Whatsapp Class 2.0 HIGHLIGHTS

By Hadassah Agbaps - November 30, 2018

Hi people, what's been on!!!

 NNG Whatsapp 2.0 (2018) class is over and it was lit!!!

We learnt how to take care of African hair (natural and relaxed) during the cold, dry Harmattan/Winter seasons!



There were 2 classes!
Class 1:  A 2 hrs (we eventually did it for 4hrs...because fun!) Beginner's class.

Class 2: A 3 day Masterclass where we got technical and learnt facts concerning - hair growth, hair loss, scalp diseases, control, prevention and research proven treatment.
- Selection of ingredients in hair products, what hair type benefits from  what ingredients and when to use them (especially for dry season) - How to protective style for harmattan/winter and steps to take to get the best results from your protective styles...(so you'll notice length retention rather than breakage!)
.....and lots more!!!



There were generous discounts and freebies sponsored by









This is me ...thinking and wondering why God has been so good to NNG!!!
He has blessed NNG with amazing supporters (followers, brands, individuals etc) and I can't help but praise Him!
The WhatsApp classes have been nothing short of wonderful!
Thank you to the 65 women that attended the class! 
Shoutout to you all! 
I couldn't let you go...and so converted the group to an exclusive  NNG Whatsapp Forum.

Thank you to the 19 brands that came through and sponsored the classes with freebies and generous discounts! (I've tagged you all!)
If you missed the class, don't worry. Just watch this space!

It ain't over yet!

Also, the recap is available for sale for N800 only!!!!
Send us an e-mail to nappilynigeriangirl@gmail.com to get your copy!!!

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