By Hadassah Agbaps - December 13, 2018

Just me, being vain, appreciating God's!
Hallos, lovely people!!!

So I'll be dyeing my hair again....myself..... and this time, I'll be doing  pintura highlights using Revlon ColorSilk 

Like this!!!!
Reckon ColorSilk

As if reading my mind (you guys must be really psychic!!!), Ruutos Hair Care, a natural hair care company based in South Africa sent all the way to me in Nigeria, all their products to try out!!!

OMG, it's like Christmas in November, I tell you!!!

.....and their products are really right up my alley!!!!

No sulfates.
No parabens.
No pthalates.
No mineral oil. 
Little to no fragrance.
No petrolatum.
No debts.
No wahala.

They have the Moisture Intense Line for dry dull natural hair....

.....and the Reconstruct Line for damaged, breakage prone hair.

Since colored hair is prone to damage and dryness, I'm using these Reconstruct  products from Ruutos to make sure my hair is in tip top condition before colour treatment in December:
1. Ruutos Reconstruct Intense Anti-breakage Mask which is infused with hydrolysed collagen (improves hair elasticity), hydrolysed keratin (natural hair protein) and biotin.
2. Ruutos Reconstruct split end serum which is a silicone free, water based serum that is formulated with keratin, biotin, D-Pathenol and aloe vera to help strengthen ends and 'prevent' split ends! Absorbs into my hair instantly! ....
and my current lover 😘,

3. Ruutos Moisture Intense Hair Butter to make sure my hair stays moisturised always!!!

Have you seen the twists outs I got using their leave in Conditioner, Hair butter and oil???

Beautiful, right???

Has anyone else tried Ruutos Hair Products?

P.S. I will be doing a video on my hair dyeing process which I'll share on Instagram. Follow me on @nappilynigeriangirl so you don't miss it!!!!

I finally dyed my hair!!!
Check out my video here

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  1. I love! My hair has been really unhappy lately, maybe I overdid the"lazy naturalista" thing and wasn't properly Moisturising after I dyed it. I'm committed to Moisturising now, but it looks like I'll have to trim and that makes me sad.
    I was looking for your post on doing a wash-and-go with oil... I don't remember the details. Please point me in the right direction, thank you so much!


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