By Hadassah Agbaps - July 18, 2012

Finished product courtesy of nappilynigeriangirl

I posted about my Ankara obsession and I promised to share what I made. I was gifted a wide silver bangle sometime back and I decided I wanted to transform it.

I had about two yards of DaViva material with something like animal prints on it.
 I'm crazy about animal prints and I decided it would be perfect for my new project.

When I get crafting, I don't have time to take pictures cos I'm usually impatient to see the finished product of what I have in mind. I will try and change that as time goes on....hopefully.

Anyway,here's a step by step method

What you need
Ankara material
Thread and needle
Craft glue (optional)

- Depending on the thickness of the bracelet you want to wrap, cut a rectangular strip of the material long enough to be able to completely wrap the bracelet

-Sew the two longest end of the strip together to form a tube. Turn this tube inside out to hide the stitches.

- Tightly and carefully wind the strip around the bracelet making sure it's tight and smooth.

-.Cut off excess material. Bend in ragged end of strip to hide then stitch or glue closed into the inner side of bracelet.
I prefer stitching cos it won't peel off with time.

Voila! You've made your own Ankara bracelet!

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  1. Cool - I've been wondering how to do this and other items like shoes. Thanks!

  2. Thanks!...
    This really helped🙏❤️


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