By Hadassah Agbaps - July 24, 2012

I posted earlier about protective styling in harmattan/Winter season and now here's one for rainy/summer.
I hope it is also safe to assume that rainy season of Subsaharan Nigeria is similar to summer...what with the heat and high humidity.

Before I start, I would love to share the best thing I love about wet season.......I can absolutely BE NATURALLY FIERCE and let my hair roam free and get as big as it wants without fear of dryness ... ( and being a skinny gal, I look like a life size Bratz Doll and love it! ).
I can be "big hair don't care" when it rains.

Picture this, it's raining and lots of girls running around trying to prevent the rain from messing up their do but you just stroll by not really caring if a lil rain gets your hair because they are actually good friends.
Mmm lovely...*snapping back to present *

Temperature - High

EFFECTS ON YOUR HAIR -Hair well hydrated
-Improved elasticity
-Prone to frizziness and poofing up... so flat ironed hairstyles and any heated styles ...forgetaboutit...unless you've discovered the perfect anti humecant..
-Risk of drying out and bleaching under the sun and from salt in sweat and water...beach,pool..anyone?!
-Springing coils
- Shrinkage

HAIR CARE - Wash hair more often at least weekly. I co wash within the week and then shampoo every other week to reduce buildup.

- Properly condition and moisturise your hair...Yeah it's humid and your hair may drink up moisture in the environment but the environment would also like to take it back!
Please moisturise moisturise moisturise..the good news is your hair won't dry out so fast and the humid weather may act as some kind of outdoor sauna.

-Don't forget to seal in moisture with your favorite butter or oil...

- You still have to protect your hair from rays of the midday sun. A natural sun protector is Shea butter with natural spf 8. Some moisturisers also contain SPF too.

- Chlorine in swimming pool water and salt in sea water can make your hair feel like brambles so please pack your shampoo and condish to wash your hair as soon as you get out of the water.


- Wash and go's. Just wash preferably with a conditioner, seal with fave butter and go!
A trick I use to reduce shrinkage is to wash, then apply aloe vera or curl pudding to enhance coil formation and then make two large twists while I get ready. I just loosen up the still damp twists and hit go!

- Fingercoils and comb coils.

- Wet set twists/twistouts or braids/braidouts. I love wet sets because it reduces poofiness and frizziness in humid weather. When I try dry or damp sets...I make sure to pack a scarf...for unforseen massiveness!
I'm beginning to love mini twistouts because although it takes 2hrs to put in myself and less if I do it with my sisters, I could get 2wks out of the style and even more if it is wet set.

- Good ole Afro garnished with flowers, bows , scarves and jewelled hair pieces... and if it's animal print, I love it! #naturalfierceness roar!!!

- I really don't like weaves,wigs or extensions during this period because of the heat and really, why should I hide my hair when it's in it's element?! But if it rocks your boat...fine...

So,spill! How do you rock your natural hair when the weather is hot,wet and slick?!!

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  1. If you do bread cornrows or fix hair extensions, how long do you recommend one wears it bedore loosening it, especially for someone who is transitioning.


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