By Hadassah Agbaps - August 05, 2012

Here's my thoughts on natural hair care and time....

- Some days, natural hair care for me is simply a wash and go.
While showering, I wash my hair with conditioner, detangle with my fingers and rinse.
I then apply aloe vera gel, Shea butter and oil moisturizer in that order and I'm done. Maximum time? 45mins.

- Some days, natural hair care means putting in mini twists for four hours on my spa days. I do this when I know I'll be really busy during the week. I use NappyGirl Pudding to twist. Gives hold, moisture and shine at the same time.
Everyday, I spritz with my aloe vera mix to keep the hair moisturized. Time: 4hrs.

- Some days, I simply bun my hair. Time? 10mins.

- Some days, I feel like putting in braids, cornrows or twists professionally. This makes up my only trip to any salon. Time spent? 6-7hrs only on weekends.
Hair lasts about 3-4wks. I don't go more than that to reduce hair loss.

- Some days, I want straight hair and flat iron it myself using heat protectors...time spent 3hrs. Hair lasts 2wks and before that time I want my curls back!

- Some days, I have a weave installed. Time taken- 2hrs. Hair lasts about a month. Again not more than that to reduce hair loss. But by day two after installation, I usually want my hair back!

- Some days, I feel like doing the big chop and rocking a teeny weeny Afro...probably because I just saw a pic of one somewhere or as a threat to my sometimes unruly hair...this doesn't last because of my hair goals. Time: 5 seconds.

- Most days, I can't imagine my hair being anything but natural because I love its versatility.
I could go from straight to curly depending on my mood and as a woman, mood changes are good changes...hehe!
Time taken: forever!

Does my hair take my time?
I think it does but what else doesn't?
Makeup takes my time, dressing up takes my time, figuring out what to wear takes my time, getting to work or school takes my time, socialising with friends take my time, love takes my all boils down to time management and creating a routine that works for you.

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  1. Some days, I feel like doing the big chop and rocking a teeny weeny Afro.

    This sent me gasping mentally. Lol. To think that sometimes those with longer hair even consider rocking it is beyond me. No wonder I was advised to enjoy my short hair days. I'll take it to heart from now on even as I look forward to longer lengths. Thank you, Queen Hadassah.


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