By Hadassah Agbaps - September 18, 2015

" I have heard of your paintings too, well enough. God has given you one face and you make yourselves another. " Hamlet to Ophelia 

Hi people, what's been on?

One day, I decided I had one too many stuff I didn't need in my makeup bag.
Why do I need more than one eyeshadow palette?
 Or why do I need four different lipsticks when all I do is grab one any given day?

 On most days my makeup is very light especially as my skin responds positively to my new routine.

Sometimes just for the fun of it and the fact that it is cheaper to satisfy my shopping blues with a new lipgloss, I  actually buy stuff that find their way slowly but surely to the bottom of my makeup bag.

I'm not the most morningly morning person and no matter how early I get started, I'm the girl you see flying out the door with her fro bouncing behind her. I think I'm addicted to the adrenaline rush.
With this in mind you can imagine the aftermath of my whirlwind movement when I have a lot of makeup stuff in my bag and I have to get ready in 15mins or less.

So I had to sit down one weekend and really sort things out to make it easier for me. My sister helped because left to my own devices, I'd swear I needed everything!

Now I'm done and my makeup bag can zip close and there's space for new things *looks over shoulders*

So what do I have left?

1. Mascara
...MayBelline Great Lash Mascara. One swipe and my lashes lengthen. Two swipes and my lashes thicken. Three swipes and I'm an African goddess.

2. One black gel liner.
Zaron Longwear Gel Eyeliner in Jazz. This is also my second purchase.
I've tried different eyeliners. I've tried pencil eyeliners, pen eyeliners, dip stick eyeliners and my favourite is the gel eyeliner and kajal (the N50 one that never finishes).
These are easy to apply and don't fade off in a pool of facial oil. You need to have a steady hand though because once you make a line, you've made that line....no going back.
I used to use an angled brush to apply the liner but one day, I was looking in my bag for my angled brush, couldn't find it and had to use the nib of an old pen liner ........and I never bothered my fro with angled brush again.
I was recently gifted an L.A Colors liquid eyeliner in dark brown. It's okay ....good staying power but it makes my eyes water when it's too close to my lashes.  I still prefer my gel eyeliner.

3. One blush.
Zaron CZ01 Raspberry. This is my second purchase. My first one broke and I got another. Then it broke again and I had to do the alcohol and powder trick for saving compact powders so everything is mixed up. This blush works more as a lipstain than a blush for me anyway...love the color but too lazy to hunt for exact lipstick shade...
As a blush though, I find it the perfect shade for a subtle blush effect. It never gives me the clowny look.

4. Foundation
L.A. Girl PRO.conceal in Toffee and Beautiful Bronze and Revlon ColorStay in 330 Natural Tan.
Three shades???
 Yes...because my skin color changes with the weather so I have to mix and match to get my perfect shade.
I don't use them as foundations per se, more like concealers. I don't really like foundation all over my face. I've worked with several foundations but these ones have been able to stick without falling into my facial pores or floating on the surface of my oily skin like akara balls especially the Revlon.

5. Mattifying make up base/Shine Control Cream
To prevent the 'akara balls' scenario, I find that a good primer helps the makeup stay put. The problem is finding one which can keep my skin especially my T-zone matte for longer.
 I've tried three: Iman Time Control Primer, Mary Kay Primer and Boots No. 7 Beautifully Matte Primer. My problem with these primers (except the Boots) is they felt oily on my skin and actually did little to keep my skin matte. They did however solve the problem of darkening I get with my makeup, a common problem with oily skin. I learnt it's due to oxidation. Boots was able to keep my skin matte for longer.
Then I discovered Garnier Oil Control Complete Vanishing Cream and I'm a very happy camper. It's so good that sometimes I use it alone without makeup to get the fresh out of the shower look. I'm currently trying Oriflame Pure Skin Shine Control Cream and I like it too.

6. Face contour kit.
This actually doubles as my natural eyeshadow palette. The darker shade is the one I use to contour. I find the highlighter and bronzer too shimmery for my already shiny T zone (natural highlights, abi?) so I use both as eyeshadows.

7. Pressed face powder.
I'm not a fan of the mess associated with loose powders and I don't think any brand can change my mind. I prefer compact powders.
I've used Sleek, Mac, BlackUp, Milani and now Inglot. I love the subtle bronzey effect of the BlackUp and I love how Milani Compact powder gives me coverage without being heavy and it's cheaper too. I didn't like the MAC for my skin. I tried to since it's like the HG of every makeup artist but I couldn't. I recently purchased Inglot AMC powder and to be honest I don't like it that much. I can't wait for it to finish so I could go back to BlackUp or Milani.

8. Lipstick(s) and lipgloss(es)

I bought a matte red lipstick because I love red. I've tried the popular RubyWoo but found it too drying but after trying a sample of Zaron Tonee Red, it has become my staple red.
I wasn't a pink lippie person but my sister introduced me to Milani Rosehip lipstick and I became hooked on that shade.
 I got it a shade darker in Uptown Mauve and then added a nude lipstick by Elizabeth Arden. So red, plum and nude....I think I've gotten my basics covered.

Though to be honest, on rush hour....a stain of my blush and a swipe of lipgloss (Victoria Secret or Maybelline Baby Lips) and I'm good to go.

9. Eyebrow kit...
I really love that once I get my eyebrow game on, my face come alive and being powder, my eyebrows don't dissolve into my personal oil well mid day.

This makes it easier to enhance my eyebrows without sharpening any pencils and getting woodchips and sticky nibs everywhere.

It's also very quick to apply and I love that it can double as an eyeshadow when I want a subtle smokey eye going.

 The dark shade of the eyebrow duo works really well as an undereye liner as it subtly darkens it without being too out there. It also doesn't run or make my eyes water like most regular liners do.

10. Mini samples of face products
You know those little samples that come with the purchase of a perfume or something? I always find them handy in my makeup bag especially for travelling. The Clinique makeup remover helps with removing makeup before I wash. There's also the Atzen Lip and Eye Emulsion for dark spots. I like how it absorbs without hurting my eyes.

11. One Nude Eyeshadow Palette
This one is by Clinique. It's so easy to apply and small enough to fit anywhere. Sometimes I use it with the Milani Eyeshadow Primer but these days that primer works better under my eyes as base for concealers since the eyeshadow goes on smoothly and lasts well on my oily skin. I also got the Naked Palette because I heard it had all the neutral colors for everyday makeup but after thorough questioning by my sister, I realised that on any given day, I just swipe colors from my contour kit or this one. I rarely use color these days except for special occasions.

So that's it.
I'm wearing the Milani lipstick in Uptown Mauve

I'm glad we got round to sorting through my makeup bag and my sister was so firm ....so I only kept what I needed.

So peeps, what's in your makeup bag?

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  1. I have a small makeup bag I carry around everyday, and a large knapsack for whenever I have an event to go to. My everyday makeup bag includes my Jordana retractable eye liners, and lip liners; Revlon matte lip pencils; Maybelline neutral eye-shadow palette; Ajali lip balm; two or three lipsticks; Maybelline BB cream; L'Oreal Infallible Matte powder... I think that's it.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. A large knapsack??? Oh my! What's in it? I like how simple your everyday makeup bag is. The L'Oreal Infallible Matte, do you really like it?

  2. Now that's a make-up bag! I'm ashamed to say I'm basic when it comes to make up. I have 3 pencils(plum, brown and black) one lipstick and eyeshadow. That's all.

    Have you tried the Aphogee 2 step treatment for hair breakage? I have! Read my review here

    1. Hmm, it's nothing to be ashamed of o...I really like the less is more approach to makeup.

  3. Interesting post. Please what is the name of your Clinique eyeshadow? And which eyebrow kit do you use?

    1. Hi Jackie, thanks for your comment. The Clinique shadow is called "Like Mink" and the eyebrow kit is by Zaron called Defining Brow.


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