By Hadassah Agbaps - March 14, 2013

The eyes they say, are the windows to the soul. The eyebrows I say, are the frames! A properly defined brow opens up the face. You can tell the thoughts of a person by watching the eyebrows...most of the time!
Don't believe me?

Okay...answer these...
Raised eyebrows means what?
Eyebrows drawn together means what?
See what I mean??

Your eyebrows can also make you look older or younger. Thin eyebrows can make you look older and fuller eyebrows make you look younger....when I say fuller eyebrows, I'm not talking about the Sesame street unibrow! Have you noticed in Disney cartoons, the wicked witch/stepmother always had thin high arched brows?!!

You may ask, why am I into eyebrows now?
Well I've seen many horrid looking eyebrows.
Some are shaved completely and redrawn as a straight, dark. cruel line,
some are shaved half way and filled in with high arches that give a "perpetually stunned goat in the headlights look",
some eyebrows are drawn too thick and arched giving the wearer an angry look and the one that takes the cake in my opinion is on a woman I saw in church one day. She had on huge 'googles' that covered up her eyebrows. To compensate, she drew on two large commas above her shades! I had a cramp in my stomach trying not to double up in laughter....and I wasn't the only one. If it was a statement she was trying to make, she definitely made one!

To prevent and hopefully stop eyebrow mishaps and also at the request of a reader, I will post useful eyebrow tutorial videos, so sit back and enjoy!

This Eyebrow shaping tutorial for beginners is by naturally curly YouTuber, Nadia. Her method is really easy and she shows you how to avoid those "comma" shaped eyebrows!

For those in a hurry, here's a 2 mins video on how to shape your eyebrows using an eyebrow blade. This video is useful for those who have already had their eyebrows professionally shaped and want to maintain the look at home. Super easy!

Now for those wondering where your eyebrows are supposed to start and end, here's a tutorial by celebrity makeup artist Sandee. His tips on how your brow shape can narrow or broaden the nose was insightful. He also tells you how to avoid that stunned "goat in the headlights" look!  It's also 2mins so it won't take up much time.

Now you've learnt the basics of shaping your eyebrows, here's a tutorial by xoSimplyelleox on how to define and fill in your eyebrows. This 5 mins video is useful for those that have naturally thin eyebrows and those that mistakenly overplucked their brows!

I hope you enjoyed this and good luck with looking fabulous!

Live Beautifully. Naturally.

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  1. LOL....U're so funny,buh i do agree with u about d way ppl 'draw' their brows. Love ur blog. "stunned goat in d headlights" *still giggling*


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