By Hadassah Agbaps - March 06, 2013

On twitter, my curlista @care4curls was hosting a #ProtectYaEnds challenge throughout Lent.
If you recall the post on "Growth and Length Retention", I said that the less manipulation on your tresses, the less the breakage and the better the length retention which equals visible growth.
So, this challenge came at a good time!

I had just taken down my curly weave of 3 weeks, shampooed with African Black Soap, DC'd with Mayo, ORS Replenishing Conditioner and Milk and I needed a protective style to take me through the hectic week ahead.( I've started my Masters program and it's registration time...anyone in Nigeria will know how hectic that time can be!)

My girlfriend Kay, who has been transitioning for 10 months now under my guidance came to the house for a wash, DC and light blowdry (we are also registering together ). She has been transitioning with weaves, wigs and braids and wanted to style her hair "out" for the first time..She had done a very good job of maintaining moisture in her hair despite her "very busy lifestyle" (this is for those that say they have no time!)
She said she was impressed with her hair as initially, it was hard and "unmanageable" but now was really soft!
She said she had been having trouble locating a salon that could cater to her growing natural hair and most salon attendants try to convince her to touch up!
She said she was happy with her growth and fullness of her hair and she didn't think she'll go back.
One time, she wanted to press her hair and the salon attendant told her she couldn't get straight hair because she was natural.

Well trust me!
I showed her pictures of naturals with pressed hair and gave her info on how to do it gently with sleek results and of course she wanted a practical on her hair and I obliged! Haha.
So here are details on both our hair styles!

ON KAY (10 months transitioner)
- The night before, she took down the cornrows she used to wear her wigs.

- Very very early (with lots of yawns involved), I sectioned her hair into four (her hair is deliciously thick and full, medium porosity and a type 4c).

- Then I shampoo her scalp only with Aussie Moist shampoo (to clarify since she co washed once a week for the past 3 weeks), then I DC 'd with Mayo, ORS Replenishing Condish, Rosemary Essence and Olive oil.
Then I double baggied her hair with two shower caps and left on for about 45mins while we got ready for the day.

- I detangled gently with my fingers and then with a wide tooth comb from tips to roots, retwisting every detangled section. Then I rinsed her hair under cold running water with her hair still in twists and blotted dry.

- After bathing, I applied Organics Rich Olive oil moisturizer since it doubled as a heat protectant.
( I added in olive and coconut oil too because though it claimed to have olive oil,.it's like way down the ingredient I decided to help them out!)
Then I proceeded to stretch her hair with a blow dryer using the "tension" method which involves my no high temperatures!

- Then I flat ironed using Babyliss Ionic straightner in thin sections applying a pea sized amount of Organics Rich to each section before straightening. I pressed the natural hair only, careful not to press the relaxed ends.
I went over the hair not more than twice.
Then I applied a dime sized amount of Biosilk serum to the whole hair to preserve the hairstyle.

- I proceeded to styling.

- I sectioned out her hair from front to back into three equal parts.

-Then I divided the middle part into two equal parts across from ear to ear.

- Then I French braided (it's known as "hannu biyu" or two hands in Northern Nigeria) the front middle section and then made two small flatwists on each side of the braid.

- Then I gathered up all her hair (free and braided) into one big French braid down the back.
I tucked her ends in and then tied a silk scarf loosely over the whole hairdo to smoothen any frizz.

- Then we proceeded to making and dressing up for the day.

ON ME (Completely natural)
- I've told y'all my washing I'll fast forward to styling.

- On dry previously stretched hair (from banding), I spritzed a little with water/oil/leave in condish mix for moisture.

- Then I gathered my whole hair up on top of my head and tied the topmost tip with a rubber band (make sure not to go more than twice).

- Then I tucked that tip in and held it in place with the hair comb.

- I smoothened the hairstyle with aloe vera gel (love how it made my hair wave) and sealed in the goodness with my DIY oil spray...#shikena!

- Then I loosely tied a silk scarf (my mother's. They enjoyed raw silk scarves back in the day!) to tame flyaways and make the style more polished.

-Then proceeded with making and dressing up.

Before we both hit the door, we took off the scarves ( and I made a quick turban band with mine).
That's it!

Here are the pictures below.
Update: I'm still rocking my updo. I just let the steam in the shower to moisturize it (my hair is very porous and is ever thirsty! )
Then smooth on aloe vera and spray my DIY oil and redo my turban.
Sometimes, I do those long Zulu type turbans with my hair as reinforcement!

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  1. You do hair very well! I love your friend's style and your hair is beautiful!

    1. Why...Thank you! Your compliment is really appreciated!:)


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