By Hadassah Agbaps - August 29, 2013

I've been observing the excitement/awe/wonder a new natural feels when she gets to see her coils for the first time, rock her natural hair the first time and show it off in public the first time....
Then I notice as the excitement dwindles down to 'bleh' acceptance as the novelty of her natural hair wear off. She finally finds products that work for her, mastered a style that works for her and then there is almost nothing new.

I also noticed the increase in the number of women going natural.
In a mall where initially, the only natural haired people were children, you now find a lot of grown women sporting natural hair in one style or the other with pride.
In Nigeria, it's like going natural is gradually becoming a fad. I noticed a lot of natural haired teenagers in Shoprite.

The media has even taken notice and 'going natural' has become news that should be reported.
Celebrities worldwide are going natural. On social media, a recurring news or Instagram or blog update is about a celebrity revealing her natural hair for the world to see.

I, as much as the next natural haired person enjoy the newness and freshness of it all.
I enjoy the natural hair meetups, I enjoy the natural hair discussion groups and communities, I enjoy the increasing number of compliments, I enjoy the new products targeted at natural hair cropping up, I enjoy everything!

But then I know like all fads, it may come to an end.

So what happens when almost all women become natural?

When you look anywhere, all you'll see is natural hair in one form or the other.
What happens when you go from being the unique kinky haired girl among your clique of friends with relaxed hair .....to being one of the girls in your clique of friends with natural hair and the last woman standing with relaxed hair becomes the unique one?

What happens when the relaxer companies whose products we are gradually ditching comes up with a rebranded high tech relaxer touted to contain naturally derived nanoparticles designed to permanently straighten your kinks via some molecular science without damaging it like the "old fashioned relaxers" can......???

Afterall, to straighten your hair naturally with coconut milk and lime is deemed more acceptable than straightening your hair with lye or heat....and a lot of naturals are in a constant battle with the natural occurrence called 'shrinkage', secretly wishing their tightly coiled textures would be a bit 'more straight'.
So what happens when biotech hair companies come up with a straightening complex derived from....say....coconut biomolecules....that could give your kinks a bit "more permanent stretch"????

Will the natural hair tide shift??? Will current naturalistas sing another song?

Do you think you'll ditch natural hair for another tempting less damaging hair straightening solution?

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  1. Nah, I no go ditch my hair for anything. I even had to give out my 'heat' equipments to avoid tempation. .....yeah I do not DO HEAT. I have a lot of bad days when I feel relaxing my hair is the only way out, but in all I LOVE my hair :-)

  2. I've just had one of those moments too but..... nah! I love my hair! :)

  3. Mine is here to stay .....u berra believe it !!


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