By Hadassah Agbaps - August 12, 2013

Hi people, what's been on?

Well, I wrote an earlier post about the 'in between' length of natural hair growth and how to style it.
I also posted some photos I thought would inspire y'all stylewise and one statement I got recently was that
'the models in the photos I used weren't Nigerian and that it wasn't easy to make those styles in Nigeria seeing as we don't really have natural hair salons that can work with kinky hair without damaging it'.
While this is true, I think it's still not impossible to achieve some of these styles in a regular salon especially if it involves minitwists, braids and cornrows.

One trick I've learnt while styling my natural hair was to approach hair stylists that make children's hair.
This is because you're more likely to find children with natural hair than grownups and this means that that hair stylist will be at least familiar with natural hair texture.
It's still up to you to prepare your hair properly before going to the hair stylist and best results are gotten the day after your wash day.

Why "the day after wash day" you may ask?
This is because your hair is weaker when wet and with all the manipulation while shampooing,conditioning,detangling and stretching, it will be an extra burden on your tresses to add styling (most especially if the stylist is inexperienced).
It may also take a day for your hair to be fully dry, absorb whatever strengthening products you've applied and be stronger to withstand the manipulation of styling.
From experience, I notice less breakage when styling on post wash day hair.

The purpose of this post is to let you know that it's possible to achieve beautiful styles on any length of Nigerian natural hair.
All it takes is a lil creativity......aaannndddd.....patience.
Remember, you don't have to style your natural hair yourself and while we wait for dedicated natural hair salons, stylists in regular salons can still do the work!

So, I'm officially Kay's natural hair stylist and I love how she's open minded about her hair care.
This is important because the rules that apply to caring for your relaxed hair (if you're a transitioner) does not really apply to natural hair care and you have to be pretty open minded to trying out something different.
Kay wanted a protective style that was mature yet fun.
Yeah, I understand that's one of the problems with natural hair styling in Nigeria...
"that thin line between children's natural hair style and a grownup's natural hair style".
I admit that natural hair can shave off several years of your life (that's a good thing na!) and some of us don't really care for drowning our faces in makeup to paint our faces older.

BUT.............but, it's still possible to style your natural hair without extensions and still look very classy.
Here's the style I did for Kay. It's not difficult and can easily be done by any Nigerian hair braider.
.....and here's mine too.
I was going for what looked like Havana twists using kinky extensions but while it wasn't a 'hit', it wasn't a 'miss' either. I still love it all the same.

The Kinky extensions I used

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