By Hadassah Agbaps - February 15, 2014

Hi people, what's been on?!

So it's love season and life decided to love me back by giving me exams to prepare for!
 Well, I decided that one of the loves of my hair....won't suffer. I've fed it well and then now I'll keep it warm and snug while my life moves a bit faster....and of course, I have to look real good for the other love of my life, right?!

I was a bit undecided about what to do with my hair so I booked an appointment a week in advance .... na me be this??....with a stylist to do a style that has been bombarding my Instagram page.....faux locs with kinky hair!

I was supposed to do this style with the Marley hair I ordered which hadn't come in. It would have come in before the week I was to do my hair but one day, I ventured into the market to buy my African Black Soap and due to it's unavailability came out clutching a pack of First Lady Kinky Hair....yep, this is me, alright....
Here's the brand of kinky hair I use ....and always use. It's as soft as Marley hair (though not as long) and readily available in the Nigerian market. It's gentle on my fine hair and my fingers. It doesn't get hard after a while and doesn't give me the itchies! The only downside is I haven't seen it in other colours except black and have to resort to Noble kinky for my pop of colour.

Now, I didn't really need to do my hair afterwards but after a bout of reading all night, I came up for air and with sleep still a long way off, I decided to practice how to wrap my hair with the kinky hair.....and before I knew it....I was done with my whole head!!!

Here's what it finally looked like......

I didn't bother braiding then wrapping.....I just wrapped up straight. I applied NappyGirl to my hair first before wrapping because I had a feeling it may tangle up with the kinky this was a way to 'lube' up my hair so that when it's time for take down, it will be a matter of slipping off the wraps......I hope....

Update: I may take it down sooner than I want because I still have my standing appointment and the lady just did this awesome looking weave style that I'd love to try.
The Marley braids have come in so I may change my mind and do more professional faux locs....who knows?!

So that's it for now.....for instant updates, check me on Instagram @nappilynigeriangirl

Till I spill again,
Live Beautifully. Naturally.

P.S. If you attempted any of the valentine hairstyles in my previous posts or any style you think you gathered hearts with, send them to
Three winners stand the chance to win N1500, N1000 and N500 airtime to any Nigerian network respectively. Winners will be selected by popular vote.
Offer lasts till 28th of February 2014.

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  1. Pls,do you have a picture of the hair you used,I'd really love to try out this style this week

  2. Your hair is really lovely.Please,can you post a picture of the first lady kinky hair,I'd really love to try out this hairstyle this week

  3. @ayotomiwa Thanks dear. I so forgot to take a pic of the hair that night but I've put up a pic of the hair. Hope it went up early enough for you to try! Don't forget to share your pics o!

  4. hello :) i really really want to give these faux locs a trial.Can you hook me up with your stylist

    1. Hi dear, I did it myself but do send me an email so I'll send you my stylist's number.


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