By Hadassah Agbaps - February 04, 2014

Hi people, what's been on?!

Yesterday I was chatting with some friends and of course the topic veered towards hair.
Some of them were transitioning and they shared the issues they had with transitioning and how it was difficult maintaining both hair types (straight relaxed and kinky coily undergrowth) and how their hair seemed to break off at the slightest touch!
Later that evening, my sis who decided to transition complained about the same thing.
I shared tried and true Nigerian hair tested tips but they felt that since I was used to natural hair care, it was easy for me to say.....ermm....okay.

I know that sometimes the tips natural hair bloggers share concerning natural hair care seem to come from a place of years of experience and might look easy to practice on paper but not so easy in reality I felt that it will be a good idea to hear from Nigerian naturals currently transitioning.

To encourage my sister, friends and anyone currently transitioning, I decided to share this  message written by Marriet Hermosa.

"I'm transitioning!
 Relaxer had never been and was never my friend.
 My hair had never grown past the nape and it was badly damaged, especially the edges.

I last relaxed end of February 2013, at first I wanted my hair to grow a while before I texlaxed but now it's been 10 months and counting and I've decided to go back to natural by transitioning.

 So every month or at least once every two months I take off as much as 2 inches or 3 or 4 inches depending on how daring I feel that day.

 Deep conditioning treatments once a month, LOC (liquid, oiling and cream) method every morning and night, hot oil treatments, tea rinses, ACV treatments and protective styles like box braids, cornrows and my personal favorite.... twists, have helped me during my healthy hair journey.

It's still a struggle balancing protein and moisture in my hair, and there are times during wash days when I see lots of hair in the basin and other times when there isn't as much, but all in all I think I'm getting the hang of it.

One thing we need to remember is the end goal, long, thick, healthy lustrous hair!
So stay motivated, be diligent and always always check out hair blogs and YouTube videos for more techniques and motivation"

Do you have a similar transitioning story?
Please share with us in the comments section or send to
You may include pictures if you want or share anonymously if you are shy.

P.S. You can read up inspiring transitioning stories by the NappilyNigerianGirls that were featured.

Live Beautifully. Naturally.
Hadassah A.

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