By Hadassah Agbaps - October 22, 2014

Hi people, what's been on?

Today I'd like to share my thoughts regarding child haircare and fashion especially for a child with kinky curly hair.

I've been observing from afar the debates surrounding Blue Ivy's hair and how people felt it was unkempt and how some parties felt that Beyonce should do more to make her baby girl's hair sleek and neat.............and I disagree.

I do not see anything wrong with Blue Ivy's hair. I just see a child allowed to play, tumble, jump, roll and simply be a child. Her hair may have been combed...but she's just going to roll in the grass with it or pull it when she cries or twist it while she!

A lot of naturals today have embraced their kinky curly hair with many not being shy to rock their kinky curly afros but from my observations, while they have accepted the kinky curly nature of their hair, somehow they still expect their baby girl's hair to be more curly and wavy than kinky.

They still feel dissatisfaction if their bundle of joy decided to come with tightly coiled hair without laid baby hair.

So to satisfy what they feel is the perfect natural hair, they smooth, sleek and stretch and coerce the poor kid's hair to conform feeling that as long as they don't apply any chemical treatment to the hair, anything goes.

I get requests from mothers who tell me that they want their daughter's hair to stay natural but

'can I use a little texturizer on it so that her hair curls instead of will still be natural abi?"
Let's be real. Do you want a black child or not?

Some parents go through extremes to "adultify" a child.

 They'll put the baby in long dresses instead of simple short dresses or playsuits which allow the baby to play and explore her little world.

They'll put the baby in heels instead of sneakers.

They'll put makeup and eyeliner on the baby.

They'll wear the baby heavy necklaces, bangles, bracelets and unnecessary jewellery in an attempt to beautify an already beautiful child.

They'll braid the child's hair in little braids and twists with lots of beads that flog the poor child when she runs.

They'll put extensions, wigs and weaves on a child and Lord knows how uncomfortable that is even for adults....

Need I go on?

Using Blue Ivy as a case point, do you really expect Beyonce to run about putting each strand of her baby's coily hair in place when all the little tot wants to do is explore?

Do you really expect any style that was done in the morning on the baby's head to last through her tumbles and play?

Adult naturalistas whose hair is one to two years  old and too small to pack into a bun find it hard to make their hair conform and you expect the hair of an active under 5 year old to stay sleek and in place?

Twist outs go awry, afros get matted and tangled and if you want to put it all together, you'd have to make a billion little twists so that the style doesn't unravel...which healthy toddler will sit through that?

For those who say she should braid her baby's hair, tell me how that works out!
Everyday, I see beautiful little girls with traction alopecia because momma felt her hair needed to be put under control and every stray hair must be in place!

My little 4 year old cousin is currently battling to keep her hair line....why? Because her momma felt that her teeny weeny fro was getting too long to be left alone.
She took her to a braider who decided to weigh down her fragile strands with yarn decked in clinking beads!

 Now she has ugly bald patches where her hair pulled out! #canyoutellI'mpissed?
It was such an eyesore and guess what momma thought she'd do? Take her to have Ghana braids done!

I told her she'd either shave off the whole hair or make her daughter's hair herself without extensions.
Now she's styling the fragile hair in little buns while we are babying the bald spots and are thankfully being rewarded with fuzzy new growth.

Please do not project your ideals of adult beauty on a happy little toddler whose main mission in her under five year old life is to explore the world she came in, discover its little secrets, point to the beautiful butterfly and sniff a rose, ask you a billion questions,tumble in the grass, then give you a sweaty sticky loving kiss and hug!

Let the poor child enjoy her childhood without inhibitions placed by adult expectations.

I rest my!

What are your opinions about children's haircare and fashion?

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