By Hadassah Agbaps - September 24, 2015

Hi people, what's been on?
I finally got round to doing the faux locs!
I washed, deep conditioned and oiled my hair. It was well hydrated because I had it in a wash and go for almost two months. I refreshed the wash and gos weekly.

For the faux locs, I used two packs of Janet Noir marley hair (you can substitute with the First Lady brand or Supreme brand of Afro kinky hair) and 2 balls of acrylic wool/yarn for the base.

If it's your first time with fauxlocs, there's one thousand and one YouTube videos explaining the process.

It took me 4 hrs to install the locs. I made random parts because I have fine hair and precise parts can make my hair look scalpy. The other alternative is to make more locs but who's gonna do all that....not me o!!!


First, I made loose twists without extensions.

Secondly, I cut out yarn and folded it as thick and as long as I wanted my locs to be and attached it by wrapping it around the base of my loose twists. I did not twist my hair with the yarn/wool.

Lastly, I wrapped the kinky hair around it all to make my locs.

Here's my final results.

Then on Sunday, I taught my sister how to do crochet braids. She wanted a fringed style. We used one pack of Expression Kanekalon Braiding hair in color 2. Here's our final look.

To get the fringe to curve gently, I applied a heat protectant serum to the hair then curled with a round bristle brush and blowdryer on low to medium heat. The Kanekalon hair can withstand a small amount of dry heat.

That's the round brush I used.

It turned out quite well. I usually crochet with curly hair or wavy hair. Straight hair isn't something I'd pick as first choice but I liked the final look. I doubt I'll do it myself because straight hair isn't forgiving if you make mistakes when installing plus you can't leave big gaps between strands like you can with curlier hair.

I think my hair will be in the faux locs for 2 weeks at least .... I hope.

More hairtips at the Natural in the City Meetup this Saturday, 26th September at the Social Place, Lagos!

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