By Hadassah Agbaps - February 02, 2015

Hi people, what's been on?

Your girl was featured on BlackGirlWithLongHair! We be repping Naija hard (hairwise sha) and showing that Type4 natural hair is awesome...100% shrinkage and all!
Big thanks to Christina Patrice of ManeObjective .

I'm still on the natural hair care starter series. I've shared
-simple haircare regimens for twa, medium length and long natural hair
- tips for solving major natural hair problems
- how to transition and help your significant other love your new look.

This time, I'll be sharing how to create a sleek look on your natural hair even if it is of the type 4 variety.

I'm personally not so big on creating a sleek look because I'm comfortable with the organic look of coils all round. Some people however prefer the clean sleek look and I do agree that it does make any natural hair style look pulled together.

I love to get sleek and smooth once in a while and I understand very well the struggle of laying those independent minded curls down.

So here's a little tutorial on how to get your edges smooth (without losing them in the process).

What you'll need.

- A strong hold alcohol free gel or edge control. Suggestions include Ecostyler Gel (Crystal or Olive seems to hold most textures down), Ampro Styling Gel, Organics Root Stimulator Loc and Twist Gel, Organics Root Stimulator Edge Control,  Creme of Nature Edge Control,  Keracare Edge Control etc.

- A soft bristle brush or toothbrush

- A scarf

- A spray bottle filled with clean water. If your hair is frizz prone, adding a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar into your spray bottle can help smooth things down.

- Your fingers and some hair on your edges.


1. Try and stretch your hair by braiding/ twisting/ threading. If your hair is short, you can stretch your edges by tying it with a scarf overnight.  I noticed that stretched hair makes it easier to get smoother results.

2. Spray edges with a little water. You don't want it wet. Just damp. This helps make the hair more pliable.

3. Apply gel/edge control with fingers smoothing hair as you do so.

4. Use the back of the comb/brush to smooth gel more, then brush.

5. Once you're satisfied with the smoothness, wrap a scarf around the gelled areas taking care not to disturb the hair. I usually use a silk scarf if I'm using edge control and a cotton scarf if I'm using Ecostyler or Aloe Vera gel. This is because the cotton scarf helps to absorb excess water which prevents my slick edges from poofing up in the humidity.  The silk scarf doesn't absorb much water which is good in dry weather and also since edge control gel doesn't have much water in it, it helps prevent the hair on my edges from drying out.

6. Do your makeup or whatever you like and take the scarf off gently just as you are about to leave the house.

7. No hand in hair! Lol.

To avoid flakes the next day, I try not to layer on gel on old gel. I rinse off the old gel while I shower then reapply a fresh coat. If I'm not in the mood for a fresh coat, I just rewet the old gel and brush again.

Hope this helps.

Do you have any more tips to get sleek hair?

Till I spill again,
Hadassah A.

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  1. Saw your interview on Black Girl Long hair. Well done!

  2. your hair is naturally obedient

    1. Ah...then you don't know my hair! It's fine, yes but prone to frizzes.

  3. Hello Hadassah. Did you ever try to EdgeStick to get sleek edges?

    1. Hi dear! No I haven't tried it. I don't think I've seen it around.


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