By Hadassah Agbaps - October 10, 2016

Hi people, what's been on?
I've been on the move for a while now with several changes and relocation in the works. With this in mind and a lot of packing to do, I don't carry all my products around especially since I'm going to be the one carrying my luggage.
My go to style these days apart from The Cheat Bun I shared is The Wash and Go. It really is a time saver for me.

Despite my love for trying out new products and having several great curl definers (Cantu Shea Butter Shine and Define Custard, Miss Jessies Jelly Soft Curls  etc), I usually pack just two products for a predictable wash and go (aside my NappyGirl Growth Enhancing Oil)

They are:
1. A cowash
2. A product with hold (preferably alcohol free)

Someone asked me about affordable products to get a decent wash and go going so I decided to share two combinations of products I use when I'm out of curl definers and low on cash.

The first combination is
Ecostyler Argan oil gel and Karen's Body Beautiful No Poo Sulfate free wash. The low poo has good slip for fingerdetangling and clumping. Ecostyler gel then holds the curls in place even in the Nigerian unpredictable humidity.

Before Ecostyler Gel became popular, I had been using with success, the VO5 conditioner and Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel combo . I could easily find both products in most beauty or pharmacy stores. In the absence of FOTE Aloe Vera gel, I used Jack5 Curl Activator.

These products work better on a mineral oil, silicone and petrolatum free regimen. This also helps reduce tacky build-up when cowashing. The gels are easy to rinse out too.

As usual, these recommendations (as are all my product reviews and recommendations) are entirely my opinion about products I've personally used and liked. You may or may not like them as much as I do....which is okay.

If you've tried these or any other combinations for a wash and go, do share. I won't mind trying them out too!

I uploaded a little video on how I create my wash and gos starting with dry natural hair. It's on my instagram handle @nappygirlhaircare.

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