By Hadassah Agbaps - February 12, 2016

Hi people, what's been on?
In my last post, I showed you guys how I blend my natural hair leave out with my weave. This entails stretching my natural hair so it's silky straight and blends easily with the straight weave.
I shared how you can also use heat safely to prevent heat damage. My hair texture is high porosity and very fine so I always try to be careful in my styling to avoid damage.

Anyway, some people are not comfortable with using heat. The next alternative is blending using a closure.

Closures can be pretty expensive and sometimes you may not find the closure that blends perfectly with your weave in terms of color, curl pattern and quality of the hair used for making the closure.

As a solution to this problem (y'all know I'm all about solutions), I figured out that maybe crochet braid closure would work nicely and it did!!!

Here's how I did it.

I used Expression kanekalon hair in color 1 and color 33. I also used a little grey hair. I used the color 1 because that is what I had. Color 1b would have worked better.

My hair was left out and straightened so I braided it up like so....

That was supposed to be three cornrows but my braiding skills on myself is close to zilch!  I crocheted in this amount of hair.

When I was done, I dipped the ends of the hair in hot water to straighten it and remove the tiny kinks. I would have preferred using a blow dryer on medium heat to smooth but no

So here's my final look....

Very interesting, yes?

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  1. Nice! :)
    I didn't think it was Expressions! Turned out really well. The last photo is my fave :)

  2. Oh very nice! I'll have to try this for the summer

  3. For real? I'm filing this. I love the pop of grey too and the red lip, stunning.


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