By Hadassah Agbaps - July 01, 2016

Hi people, what's been on?

Happy New Month! We're in July!!! Thank God!

I'm sharing my secret for stretched out wash and gos!

 Everyone ....at least naturalistas know about the super shrinking abilities of natural hair. My hair for example shrinks to more than four times its original length! I'm not totally into the texture type thing but since I'm always asked, it's 4b/c....see unmanipulated texture above.

I'm never really bothered about shrinkage because it goes with the territory of kinks. Anything that curls is always shorter than whatever stays straight. 
I've also learnt that trying to fight shrinkage always left me with broken damaged hair as I try to manipulate it to stretch and it was also a waste of time.....what with the humidity in Nigeria!

I love wash and gos especially during the rainy season because it's really a low maintenance style and requires less manipulation once you've got your kinks clumped and gelled right.

However, there are times I want my hair to hang a certain way or have a certain shape. Those times, I'd like my hair to shrink maybe twice its real length and not as much as in the picture above.

What do I do?

I make loose twists like the picture below.

Not too tight since I don't want twist outs.

Then in the morning, I apply oil to the dry twists, followed by a leave in conditioner before I loosen the twists. I tried doing it after I loosen the twists and found it shrunk more so I stick to before....

This gives me longer hair while still maintaining kinky curly definition.

For extra stretch, I'd pull my hair into a low bun. This stretches the hair at the roots while still leaving some definition at the ends.

I wrap the band loosely on the bunny tail (can't call it a pony tail) so it doesn't stretch my hair too straight and make it look weird.....straight roots, curly ends....not a good look for me.

Before I head out, I'll take off the band to give me wash and go's that look like this.....

.....and be accused of not having 4c hair......lol! I absolutely do except in front where I have 4b texture and even some straight 1a strands which I usually pluck off!

The picture below is when I couldn't be bothered with stretching....leaving shrinkage to give me a nice bob or whatever it decides to give me......

So that's my way of getting more length out of wash and gos.

Do you rock wash and gos?
How do you stretch it out?

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  1. I love banding my wash and gos!!! Great minds think alike!

    KLP @ www.savingourstrands.com

  2. I haven't tried wash and gos in the longest time!!! Yours looks great as usual.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  3. Your hair is beautiful and I don't blame people for thinking it's not 4c.


  4. Wow, your hair is super lovely. I'm looking forward to when my hair will be this long, so I can start rocking all this beautiful wash and go.

  5. So after you wash/condition u dont put anything in ur hair untill the next morning?
    How do u maimtain it?. Do u wet it everyday?

    1. I spray a little leave in in the morning and lightly retwist loosely. I untwist when I'm leaving the house.

  6. Love your method! I'll have to try this way out. Do you still do the Indian Oiling Method?

    1. Oh yes I do! Everyday! A little oil before leave in in the morning.


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