By Hadassah Agbaps - September 09, 2016

Hi people, what's been on?

I just had a breakthrough where frizzy mini twists are concerned and of course will share with you in a bit!

My favorite long term protective style after the "wash and go" is the mini twists.  I love mini twists because after the initial 4-5 hrs biceps and triceps workout installing them, they are very low maintenance. I usually install mini twists without added hair. This not only keeps my hair feeling light and comfortable, it also makes it easy to oil and moisturise my hair.

This means that by the time I'm taking down the style for the defined twist outs that follows, I have no breakage or dryness.

I take down my twists after two weeks. One reason I do this is because by the 2nd week, my twists become frizzy. To avoid retwisting after a short time, I enjoy the style as a twist out which I leave in for a further two weeks. So I finally end up with two styles and a protective style that lasts me a month with the least manipulation.

10 points for anti-breakage styling!

I did something a bit different with my most recent mini twists. Instead of twisting my hair alone, I added a little extension to each twist.


Because someone 'dashed' my mom a pack of white kinky hair extensions and I had to get in on the action! I needed an excuse to borrow some from her.
She wanted me to make a wig with it for her and since that one pack wasn't going to be enough,  she was only willing (grudgingly I must add) to spare me one little bundle.


I had also purchased a pack of Noble Gold Kinky Bulk in Color 1 to add to the wig so it would match her salt and pepper natural hair and on a second thought decided to borrow half of it to add to my mini twists!
"Borrow borrow make me rich"

For each section of twist, I added a little kinky hair and loosely twisted to the end. I don't usually make my twists tight because my hair is fine and tight twists makes it look scanty. I also didn't use a lot of extension so it won't weigh down my hair and cause it to break.

Maintenance: Satin bonnet at night, oil and a little leave in in the morning.

One week, two weeks, THREE WEEKS later........

Oh frizz, where art thou????

I reluctantly took out those twists after 3 weeks and 5 days when they still looked sooooo good!!!!



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  1. Thanks so much! one of your previous posts on minitwists "regimen" encouraged me to try them out.I did mini twists for two successive months but since my hair has a fine texture by the second week it gets frizzy.
    This is really a breakthough . Thanks for sharing. Your twists look lovely dat it's hard to believe you used extensions.
    However, I need to ask: how little of extension should be added,could you specify? Also should the added extension get to the tip of the twist? Thankss

    1. Hi dear. Thank you for your kind words! I'll try and upload a pic with the thickness of the extensions. It was about 1/2 cm thick on average. I wasn't really particular about if the extensions got to the ends of the twists or not. I didn't add anymore if it didn't get to the very tips. In some twists especially in the middle, my hair was longer than the twists and in some (around my hairline) the extensions were longer than my own hair. In cases where it was longer than my hair, I trimmed off the excess so it won't look too thin since I was using very little extension. I hope this makes

  2. Hi my hair crush. Nice hair do and congrats for a job well done. Keep it up.

    1. Thank you so much Debby for stopping by. I appreciate your encouragement.

  3. Love the blog Hadassah. I follow a similar regimen, after washday I have large twists in for a week which I then take down individually and install smaller twists, by about 10 days they begin to look frizzy but I rock the look as I'm always told they have a kinky extension or loc look to them, I also refuse to take them down before two weeks, I then loosen them and enjoy the twist out look for a few days. Have to love 'em twists. Seen the greatest length retention with this even when transitioning. Now I just gotta try your oiling regimen.
    Sorry for the long post.

    1. Hi Jenny, I actually enjoyed reading your hair update! I'm happy your hair loves twists too...#twinning! Looking forward to your update on oiling:)

  4. Will you please naked a demonstration video, so we can see how you add your hair?

    1. Hi dear, I currently don't make videos (offline life is hectic) but I could do something and upload on Instagram for ya! I'm @nappilynigeriangirl

  5. Love your twisted hair style and fool proof tip! Did you wash your hair at all during the three weeks? If so, how did you keep your hair style neat?

    1. Hi Naturaz, thanks for stopping by! I didn't wash my hair during the three weeks but if your scalp feels funky, you can wipe your hair and scalp with baby wipes. It cleans pretty good without the extra frizziness that comes from real

  6. I've recently found your blog! Love, love, love it! This post is amazing! Can you please share how you added the small amount of hair. Did you start at the root? Did you braid it or twist it in? Thank you for your response. Can't wait to try!


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