By Hadassah Agbaps - September 15, 2016

Can you see that title???? It shows how upset I am!

Ayam tayad!!! (I'm tired).

Okay....let me calm down!!! Counting from 1 to 50.

Let's go!

My sister told me how a so called "natural hair" stylist refused to style her hair until she blow dried it straight.

 According to the stylist,
" it will be easier to handle".

Say what now????

 You call yourself a natural hair stylist and you cannot work with natural hair in its kinky, curly state????

Why pay you all that money when I can easily just straighten my hair at home, walk into the nearest "normal" salon and pay less than half price like I've been doing all along? #dontplayme

I don't get it.

Before natural hair salons cropped up, I'd always accepted that not every stylist (actually none) was knowledgeable enough to handle kinks and curls. So I would blow dry my hair straight so it will look relaxed and be less stressful for me in the hands of stylists who were used to chemically straightened hair.

Only a few people could handle my hair curly.

Now just because it looks like a lucrative business,  salons are cropping up and adding "Natural Hair" to their signboard so that I will pay exhorbitant prices because everyone knows natural hair care prices are different!

.....and then they can't even braid, cornrow or style natural hair unless they bust out the blow dryer by default!

Worse is when you insist on no heat, they tell you they can't style damp natural hair.....


Somebody should hold me, please!!!!!

That's the most ignorant statement of the century!!!!

They prey on new naturalistas' past association of pain with kinks by saying that it will be better and less painful to style with straightened hair.
No, my dear! It is NOT!
It's an option not a rule!

Ask but don't expect a "yes". Some naturalistas be staying heat free...thank you ma!

Natural hair IS the kinks, curls and coils!

If you can't work with it, please remove the "natural hair" in your "natural hair" salon.

Let's call a spade a spade, biko!

You are NOT a natural hair stylist at all!

 Stop cheating people off their hard earned money and go get some training on how to actually handle real life natural hair.
Practicing your styling technique on a mannequin head with straight hair doesn't cut it one bit!

Like I taught my sisters, any stylist that can't handle your hair right from the wash station and insists on straightening your hair before styling should be avoided.

 That person knows nothing about natural hair! #JonSnow

Thank God it sank in because my sister got up, patted her fro and walked out!


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  1. "Worse is when you insist on no heat, they tell you they can't style damp natural hair....."
    GIRRRRL. Or the ones that will say that if they style damp hair, the hair will smell. L-O-L.

    It's crazy, sha. Everybody now trying to jump on the new wave.

    Very few stylists know how to handle and care for natural hair. I enjoy doing my hair within the best of my ability so, I just stay in my lane for the most part.

    Yes our hair is kinky and curly, but that is the beauty of it! One simple thing I haven't been able to get done at a salon is neatgoddess braids. The few times I've tried, they haven't been able to manipulate this thick kinkiness as Kemi Lewis or some other knowledgeable person would. Common cornrows/ brush and you say you are natural hair friendly? NEAUXP. It's not by force.

    You preached in this post! If only they will hear!

  2. If your sister didn't know better she would have fallen prey to the ignorant fake stylist. Me i know there is no knowledgeable natural hair stylist in my area so I can't even fall for sign board with "natural hair friendly" on it.

  3. Oh wow, are you kidding me??!?!?! Who are these supposed natural hair stylists that can't stay away from heat or the ones that mix relaxers with DCs?!?!? We might need to start naming and shaming o.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  4. Na wa o. Every lady with natural hair needs to read this post. We don't want natural hair salons to be the next bandwagon everyone is now jumping on.

    1. True o and I hope so too. I believe if one too many naturalistas walk away from shoddy services, these fake "natural hair salons" will step up their game.

  5. Haba! I gave up on going to salons regularly a long time ago. It's either they can't comb your hair without the rat tail comb or they won't stop complaining about how hard your hair is. I visit probably once in 4 months for a braid/twist or to make a wig. Even for the twist sef, I would have pampered my hair well before leaving the house.

  6. Many 'natural hair' salons do not know how to handle natural hair. They're pricey yet can hardly style a natural hair. I jus do everything DIY jare except some days wen am lazy.


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