By Hadassah Agbaps - January 06, 2017


Hi people, what's been on?

Happy New Year and hope you had a very interesting holiday.
I did....I was sorry to see the holidays go and return back to the grind.

This is my first post to start off a New Year and it just occurred to me that this year will usher in my fifth year of blogging.
Wow 😲...I never expected I'll still be sitting down at night and tap tapping away blogging.
You know what...you guys are awesome. I think I'd have stopped at a point ...what with how hectic my life is offline... if not for the encouraging messages and support I receive from you (online and offline).

Let me be all mushy and share my heartfelt hugs and kisses πŸ˜—πŸ˜˜πŸ˜™πŸ˜šπŸ˜˜πŸ˜šπŸ™Œ....Thank you!!!!
I really hope this blog has been helpful and made taking care of your natural hair as easy as it has been for me...my journey is slowly crawling to the thirty year mark and there's no part of it I regret. I'm actually looking forward to having silver stranded kinks and curls all round.

First off, this will be my 275th post !!!!😀
I admit that there's a lot of information on this blog ..... a total of 274 posts!

I tried to make it easier to navigate the blog by creating:

-   a  For Beginners page which highlights posts that answer the common questions I get concerning natural hair care. I try my utmost to reply all messages and emails but remember blogging is not my full time job and so there are times I may not be able to type out a full answer especially to questions I've already taken out several nights to write posts about.

- a styles page which highlights posts containing DIY tutorials on natural hair styles you can create in the shortest time plus more information on the products and methods I use to achieve my signature hair styles.

- a beauty page sharing recipes and review of products I use to care for my sensitive acne prone skin. (can you believe that recently, I reacted to my bra??? I never knew that was even possible!!!!).

- a food  indulgence page sharing Nigerian and International recipes of meals you can make easily (because I'm not about the spending my entire life in the kitchen and I get bored eating rice and stew!)

- a feature page called NNGirls to showcase other Nigerian naturals with gorgeous hair so you know you're not alone.

- a review page containing informative posts concerning different natural hair products I've tried in the course of my hair journey. I also created a platform ReviewwithHadassah where I randomly selected readers to review products with me because I understand that our hair types vary and what works for me may not work for you.

Speaking of natural hair uniqueness, I created a Natural Hair Care Service that helps naturals to select the best products suitable for their hair types and lifestyle.
I learnt the hard way how a poor choice of products and technique affects the health of natural hair especially in our Nigerian climate. The aim of this service is to help naturals save money on ineffective products and help work out a personalised natural hair care regimen drawing from my experience with caring for varying textures of natural hair.
I hoped this would help make natural hair care easy and effortless and from the feedback I've been getting, it is successful.

I also developed my own products which worked for me during the period when natural hair wasn't mainstream and natural hair care products weren't available. Your constant patronage and feedback has been awesome and has provided a means of funding this blog. (Blog be chopping megabytes like PacMan).   Thank you.

For those days I may not be able to share updates on the blog, be sure that I will share it on my
Instagram page ; @nappilynigeriangirl
Twitter page @nappilynigerian
Facebook page; NappilyNigerianGirl.
*The Facebook page has a dedicated pop up plug in on the right side of this blog.

Please do follow and subscribe to get updates on the blog such as posts, giveaways and hair care tips.

If for any reason, this blog has not satisfied you, please share your suggestions on how we can make the blog better in the comments section below.

As usual, once a year I silk press my hair. I shared a video on my Instagram and Facebook pages. Currently my hair is straight.


I plan to keep my hair straight for as long as a month. If you're curious about how I silk press my natural hair and maintain it for so long without touch ups, I shared my process in this post.

That will be all for now.

Live Beautifully. Naturally.

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  1. I met you almost 2 years ago at the Enugu meet up, and my first thought when I saw you was "oh my God her hair is gorgeous!!" I have been to Lagos natural meet up and seen tons of naturals walking the streets of Lagos but no one's hair has waohed me the way yours did. well, it radiated. so imagine my joy when I read on your blog that you are fine haired. cos I am too. and maintaining growth isn't easy with hair that is as fragile as mine. this is my 5th year natural but I achieved the greatest length last year when I started finger combing and using Ayurveda, including daily oiling (didn't know what I was doing was called Indian oiling till I stumbled across it on your blog) I'm gonna stick to your blog this year, relearn all I can. my hair is armpit length (but not full) but I'm gunning for waist. have an awesome new year of blogging and having awesome hair.

    1. Your message was goosebump inducing! It really made my day!!! Thank you so much for taking time out to write it!!! I absolutely loved reading your journey!!! Yes to healthy waist length hairrrrr!!!!😁😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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  3. wow....useful tips for me because I'm not so able to do make up! :) you're so precious!
    Lovely Read!
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