By Hadassah Agbaps - May 05, 2016

Hi guys!!!!!

If you're following me on Instagram (@nappilynigeriangirl), I bet you're tired of all my straight flaunting.

If you like it but are scared of getting it wrong or damaging your hair, here's a play by play of how to straighten your hair.

1. A deep conditioner preferably one with protein. You're going to be using heat so you need to deep condition your hair well so it doesn't get brittle. My go to is SheaMoisture Purification Masque. It doesn't have protein but I use hydrolysed protein treatments on my hair.

2. A gentle cleansing shampoo. You'll get better results if your hair is free from all the styling puddings, gels, curl custards etc. I'm not so picky with shampoo as long as it doesn't strip but for this silk press, I used SheaMoisture Tahitian Monoi Smooth and Repair Shampoo instead of the one in the TMS kit.

3. A heat protectant . This will make sure heat is evenly distributed throughout your hair. Oils don't cut it. When heat straightening, silicones become your friend. I'm using one by Biolage called Biolage Thermal Active Repair gloss. It's as lightweight as my all time favorite Biosilk Silk Serum by Farouk Systems. ORS and Vitale Olive Oil heat protectants are also good.

4. A blowdryer on medium heat setting.  You want to use this to dry your hair. Flat ironing damp, wet hair can damage your hair. I use one by Bestide. It's now 9 years old and going strong.

5. A good quality flat iron. In all my experience of straightening my hair, you shouldn't be frugal about the quality of your flat iron. A good flat iron not only damages your hair less, it also leads to longer lasting sleekness. Plus, you don't need more than one or two passes to get your hair straight.  Try and get one with a visible temperature settings instead of knobs that say Low, Medium and High. You'll notice a difference. Trust me!
I use a Toni and Guy flat iron. I purchased a Babyliss flat iron but obviously got a fake one because it did nothing for my hair. My hair always looked like a blow out.
There's an ionic brush dryer by Nicki Clarke which we use in the salon and that also gives sleek results without brittleness.

6. A Straightening Kit. This is optional but I'm so glad about the introduction of all the keratin temporary straightening treatments! Why? Because they provide a stronger, longer lasting protein boost to my fine hair and also gives me sleeker longer lasting results. It gives my hair a salon quality silk press and less damage. I use Beautiful Textures Texture Manageabilty System. I recently purchased the one by SheaMoisture to compare.

7. Penetrating daily treatment oil. I use NappyGirl Growth Enhancing Oil. It's the best so far for me in terms of keeping my strands supple. You can use coconut oil but pure coconut oil I realised made my hair feel brittle.

8. Clips to hold your sections in place. One brilliant lady used clothes pegs to hold her sections

9. Combs and brushes to detangle and smoothen the hair. I use a Denman brush for the flat iron part and a wide tooth comb for the blowdry part.


Shampoo hair thoroughly until hair is clean with no product.

Deep condition with your favorite deep conditioner (it's your favorite because it works for you) for at least 30mins.
Suggestions are listed here.
Rinse off with cold water.

Blot off excess water and apply your heat protectant serum. Some people like to apply a leave in before applying a heat protectant serum. Make sure it is a light one so it doesn't interfere with your results. Some people use a blow dry cream instead. Works well too.
I use a heat protectant serum.

If you're using a straightening system, follow the directions carefully. You'll have better results. Here's how I used the TMS

After applying your heat protectant, blowdry ypur hair straight using manageable sections. I start with Tension method using my hands. That way I don't use so much heat.
Then I follow with a wide tooth comb to make sure my hair is thoroughly detangled.

Then proceed to flat iron. Make sure your hair is completely dry during the blow dry session. If it sizzles and pops, your hair wasn't dry and you're boiling it. Flat iron session should be as noiseless as possible.
 Do not add any more products. All product application stops at the blow drying step.
Flat iron in small sections and make sure to press down firmly. Doing this makes sure you don't need more than one pass to get sleek results. Also don't move too fast. The fear of heat damage usually have us moving too fast with the iron. Doing it like this will make you go through it again.
So press down firmly and move down slowly.

Once you're done, apply a light coating (few drops) of oil or serum to provide an extra humidity proof barrier. Don't use too much or you'll lose the movement in your silk press.

That's it!!!

Enjoy your straight hair.

Not into DIY????

If you're not into DIY and you're based in Abuja, get up and run to LumoNaturals salon!

For the first time in about 9 years, I had my hair pampered by someone else and I loved it!

 At first I was skeptical about having someone else do my hair and with a not so glowing review by another blogger, I had my doubts but when I visited the salon, thinking I'd just get a cowash and a simple updo, I ended up getting a cowash (N1500) and straightening (N1500).

While my hair didn't get as straight as my DIY silk press (stylist was scared of damaging my hair), it was straight enough and done with care. I'd definitely offload my hair drama there whenever I'm in Abuja!


Here's how I maintain my hair so it lasts up to 3 weeks.

Here's how I style my straightened hair so it's all sorts of gorgeous!

When you want to go back to your kinks, apply a moisturizing deep conditioning
treatment to dry hair. You can use a portable heating cap for best results especially if your hair is low porosity. Then shampoo, condition, oil and moisturiser as usual.

Need help in selecting the right products for your hair type, go here

NB: Reposted for readers benefit.

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  1. Wow!!! Your hair is nice and strong even after straightening. I also want to use heat on my hair but maybe in the New Year.

  2. Thanks for this! Will try on my daughter's hair (if she'll let me)

  3. Your texture of hair is perfect and it came out really nice. When I discovered I could grow my hair without heat, I was so happy because each time I relaxed my hair and entered the drier I could stay for an hour before my hair will be completely dried. Afterwards headaches will follow. So for me no heat in my hair.

  4. Where would you recommend getting this done in Lagos please

  5. I hope this isn't late but where can I get silk serums (chi silk infusion ,bio silk and the likesl) in Nigeria or preferably Lagos

  6. Same here. Been looking for these products in Lagos, if anyone sees this and knows where please.


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